What is GK:AD? 

GK:AD is what happens when four people who love Japanese music don't use protection.  

Who Are GK?



All points lead to LoKi! He originally created a one-man website, leggomyeigo.com, but came to realize the road to Jpop critique should not be travelled alone. The owner and sugar daddy to all things GK, this San Diego resident likes long walks on the beach and the occasional foray in Kpop.

Favorite Artist: UNLIMITS
Favorite Drama: Mei-chan no Shitsuji




Her encyclopedic knowledge of the Japanese music industry is what lends GK:AD some much-needed credibility. Also the fabulous designer behind the site's many arts, this sassy Texan fights crime on the weekends with her trusty sidekick/daughter.

Favorite Artist: Hamasaki Ayumi
Favorite Drama: Zettai Kareshi




This hen-mother applies her loving hands and judgmental gaze to everything. If this Seattleite were to become Miss America, she would make damn sure yen stays weak so she can afford her precious Jpops... Also, world peace.

Favorite Artist: JASMINE
Favorite Drama: Liar Game



The resident busybody of the group can only make it to certain episodes of GK:AD but promises to serve up some HBIC realness in her reviews. This Portlander also runs an organic, corn-fed child farm. Mention this ad and get 50% off your first purchase!

Favorite Artist:  Sakanaction
Favorite Drama: Fuyu no Sonata