Liner Notes of Perfume's newest album!

Perfume 3rd Album "⊿"


CD DATA July 2009

Translator: J. Lee Warren


  1. Take off

    It's a short countdown, but it leads into the second song, it has a cool introductory feeling that makes us very excited. (Nocchi)

  2. love the world

    Perfume's song became the first song off the album, I feel like it belongs to be the first song here as well. It's the perfect song for this spot. (A-chan)

  3. Dream Fighter

    With “love the world” and these two songs we wanted to have something that makes you say “This is Perfume,” before going on to the new songs in the album. (Kashiyuka)

  4. Edge (⊿-mix)

    First, we made it longer (Laughs). But it sounded wonderful! I think the arrangement is really great, and at the same time, cool. (Nocchi)


    This is the “Eskimo Pino” CM song. In that video, we play the role of cabin attendants, but really, we're just acting. (A-chan)

  6. Kiss and Music

    In the album, I think this is the most adult song. We thought “how do we sing this?” I really like the feeling of the song. It's also fun to dance to. (Kashiyuka)

  7. Zero Gravity

    When I heard the demo, I was dancing alone at home. (Laughs) It's very fun to listen to, as well as it was to record, we made it very enjoyable. (Nocchi)

  8. I still love U

    It's very catchy and fills you with powerful emotions. It feels like a song that would be perfect the theme for an anime or drama. . . make it happen. (laughs) (A-chan)

  9. The best thing

    The song's original tune was changed dramatically. The hook is sung in English and had to be sung very quickly, and was so difficult. It's my favorite song though. (Kashiyuka)

  10. Speed of Sound

    This song is very easy to dance to. The pronunciation of the words was difficult, it was a bit embarrassing trying to cheat my way through it. (Laughs) (Nocchi)


    This is our newest single, however I think there's significance behind it's placement here. It gives everything a sense of closure, don't you think? (A~chan)

  12. Negai(Album-mix)

    Originally, we weren't planning on putting this in, but, by making this version, we were able to add it, and this album felt like it was able to land because of it. (Kashiyuka)

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