Jaylee's Top Ballads Of 2010

Jaylee loves ballads, yes he do!

Jaylee loves ballads, how 'bout you?

Another year another excess of ballads to come out of Japan; GK has searched through the haystacks to find the beautiful shining needles of love that will be sure to pierce straight through your heart! So grab a lover, a cat, or a bottle of wine and sit down for some slow jams, bittersweet love songs and heart wrenching ballds.

Happy Valentine's Day!



10. Fukuhara Miho - Regrets of Love

This song is a big, booming "shouting out love from the bottom of your lungs type ballad." It's an "I'm moving on" song with a twist; rather than leaving because the relationship is over, Miho hopes her lover moves on despite their love because the relationship just won't work out.

9. Kato Miliyah - X.O.X.O


I didn't think I'd find a "head over heels" song that didn't make me want to puke until this one came out. While the lyrics are everything you'd expect from this type of song, the production is very mature and does well to separate it from its peers.

8. Utada Hikaru - Goodbye Happiness

We all know that the girl can sing but what I loved most about "Goodbye Happiness" was the fantastic bittersweet tension the song strung throughout the track that seems very natural and organic. 

7. ICONIQ - Light Ahead

There's something about the strong bass juxtaposed against the soft synth in this song that really amps up the dramatic atmosphere. It's strong, but also subtle and understated. The production fits the "Keep going" message perfectly without ever coming off as cheesy or generic.

6. BoA with Daichi Miura - Possibility

I can't think of a single duet, ballad or otherwise, that I enjoyed more last year. The song is infectious, catchy and has an equally stunning PV.

5. Crystal Kay - Journey ~Kimi to Futari de~

Crystal's smooth voice lends a sense of maturity to this already fantastic ballad. The back track is exquisite with it's interesting mixture of pieces that come together to form a beautiful whole. One of my most played tracks of the year.

4. the brilliant green - I Just Can't Breathe

I just adore this song. While the lyrics can be very depressing the instrumentation lends a bit of an optimistic undercurrent making the song much more palatable. the brilliant green are fantastic at crafting beautiful and melancholic melodies and this song is no exception. 

3. Miura Daichi - The Answer

I love the progression in this song. The structure is somewhat formulaic but the chorus always hits at the just the right moment and sticks with you long after the song ends. This song is powerful: whenever I listen to it I can't decide whether I want to dance or cry.

2. Kuroki Meisa - So Smooth

 Another big surprise was that the number two spot would be taken up by little Miss Meisa. What she misses in vocal ability she makes up for with some of the most slick production I've heard all year. The song is sweet but not saccharin, slow but not sappy. I cannot listen to this song without feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

1. Hamasaki Ayumi - Love Song

With 2010 having been filled with ballad led singles from Mrs. Schwarz who would have thought that the best would be saved for the title track of her 12th album? I was blown away by this song when I first heard it: the composition, the lyrics, Ayu's voice; all are top notch. This has climbed the ranks as one of the best songs in Ayumi's discography which, 12 albums in, is not an easy feat to accomplish.

Honorable Mention:

Koda Kumi - Anata Dake Ga

Kumi released one of the strongest ballad singles of the year with  "Suki dex3/Anata Dake ga." While all the tracks were fantastic the quality of this track stuck out the most.

Straightener - Clone

  I love this song but it kind of makes me want to lay down and cry for hours like I'm an emo kid in high school.

Nishino Kana - Aitakute Aitakute

会いたくて 会いたくて