Nishino Kana "Thank you, Love" Interview Translation

Original: Oricon Style

I’m growing up, so I’m trying out all kinds of things

--It’s surprising to see that you’ve become so grown-up.

Nishino: I’ve always wanted to be a grown-up (laugh), so I took advantage of the fact that I graduated from college this spring and I’ve been putting more denim into my personal fashion and darkened my hair... Even though they’re baby steps, I think it’s good that I’m going in the right direction, and I’m trying out all kind of things.

--Congratulations on graduating from college!

N: Thank you! Since I don’t have school anymore, I’ve had a lot more free time. It’s weird being at home so much, so I’ve been cleaning and cooking a lot.

--And while you were in the midst of growing up (laugh), you completed your long-awaited 3rd album, “Thank you,Love.”

N: When I listen to the album, I think the songs are more grown-up, and there are more positive songs than there were on my last album. I also recorded sad songs, of course, but the whole concept was to put out an album that has energy. No matter how sad you are, you can see the light of hope in this album, and there are things designed to help people move forward. Anyway, I wanted this to be an album of higher spirits, and it starts right at the first track and takes off from there. (laugh)

--This is an album that shines, and that has a sense of freedom to it.

N: When I open my curtains in the morning, the sunlight shines in. It’s a lovely image. The first song, “*Prologue*~Sunrise~,” acts like a good luck charm for the album and provides it with that sort of refreshing start. On my last album I expressed the flow of seasons over the course of a year, but for this this album I envisioned a single day. But not all days are sunny - there are rainy days, and until just a little while ago it would suddenly start raining despite it being sunny. And people’s moods naturally change with the weather. 

This album sends my gratitude to everyone who has supported me

--The second song is “Esperanza.”  Each song has a meaning attached to it, doesn’t it?

N: With this album I was thinking about what I would do during my next tour, and while I was writing the lyrics, I imagined all the fans that I’m going to meet during the tour. When I sing these songs, I’m singing to them. Also, “Distance” is a song influenced by everyone’s voices.

--That song ties together the irritation inherent in and honest thoughts that occur with unrequited love.

N: Although this song has a very ordinary message, there are an insane number of people out there who have an unrequited love. I expressed that sense of loving someone from a distance in my own way.

--“I’ll be there” is a famous song, and the fans’ emotional climate around it is very high.

N: Even while I was in college, my friends said that this was their favorite song. This song best expresses my college life. So I definitely wanted to include it on the album. This album is for my friends, my family, my fans... This album sends my gratitude to everyone who has supported me, and the key concept is “memory.” Since I was graduating from college, I did a lot of looking back on the past, and although I saw both good and bad, I saw that I had met and been helped by a lot of people. It’s an emotional thing to realize, but it’s true.

--This summer you’re doing your first hall tour based on this album.

N: Of course my final show at the Budoukan will be a big event for me, but you could say that all of the shows are, and this tour will be a very memorable one. I’ve added a lot of songs that everyone can sing along to, and I think that seeing the songs from this album performed live will really change people’s impressions of them. I’m so happy to create new memories and a special moment in time for everyone who’s there. 

(Inteviewer: Hoshino Akino)