U-KISS Exclusive Interview Translation

Source: Oricon


Now appearing at Don Quijote....It's no secret!


--It's been about two months since you debuted in Japan. Have you gotten used to it here?


All: Not at all!


Hoon: We've been really busy, so we haven't had a chance to just hang out.


SooHyun: But we've been to Don Quijote.* There's a lot of stuff there, so it's interesting.


Kevin: It's nice that the stores are open 24 hours. I buy tons of food.


H: And miscellaneous personal stuff. Like pillows and hangers.


S: And [the monthly manga magazine] Corocoro. (laugh) Half of going is hanging out, so we go to have fun.


--But wouldn't it be hard if you ran into fans?


H: No, it's no secret.


--So what fashions are you looking forward to this spring?


H: Going shirtless! (laugh) I'm gonna show some muscle.


In reality, if you're going to be in love, regular love is best




H: I'm kidding. (laugh) I want to have a warm feeling for spring, but I also want to take in some coolness for the summer, so I want to combine those two things with black and white. And I want elaborate silver accessories.


KiSeop: I like monotone. I want something simple, like jeans, a white shirt, and a jacket. And leather workboots for shoes.


Ke: I'm like KiSeop, I like the look of jeans and a t-shirt. But for spring I want to wear a nice blue shirt, like sky blue, and pair it with a cute felt or straw hat.


S: I'd also like a straw hat for the spring. I want to look cool wearing a trench coat and skinny jeans.


Eli: I want to take simple clothes, like jeans and a t-shirt, and add an awesome belt or other accessories and accents. And recently I've wanted a watch with some kind of silver metal.


AJ: I've been getting into “ONE PIECE,” so I want to try a look like Luffy's. A spring-y sky blue tone for everything, a thin, longish shirt, shorts, and slip-ons with no socks. And finally I want to give the impression of coolness with a wheat straw hat.


--Thank you. So then, on to "Forbidden Love." What were your impressions when you first heard the song?


S: I thought it had intense imagery and was very sexy. Even when we're dancing, we're making the sexiness appealing with our facial expressions and the way we act.


E: We shake our bodies during the chorus and do our characteristic dance.


Ki: This is the first time I've had to dance sexy, so I was a little embarrassed when I first started doing it.


DongHo: The beat is fast for me, so I kept it simple and had fun.The lyrics are fresh and have all kinds of nuance. If I understand the lyrics, then what I understood really had my interest.


--I was surprised that you were singing about something like forbidden love. Do any of you hope for a love like that?


S: It's cool to put something like this into a song, but in reality if you're going to be in love, regular love is best.


H: But I kind of like this idea. There'd be a thrill to it, right?


E: No, there might be some thrill at the beginning that makes it interesting, but as time went on I think it would become painful. So I think that normal love really is the best.


The member most likely to fall for a forbidden love is...


--So which among you seems most likely to fall for a forbidden love?


H: I'm thinking Kevin...


AJ: Me too.


H: He's very innocent, so he seems like he'd give everything for a girl.


Ke: I think it would be me, too. So it would be terrible if I wound up with a bad woman. (laugh)


H: I think SooHyun might, too. He's a strong man, so it seems like he would pour his powerful emotions into a forbidden love as well.


S: I'm embarrassed. I'd never do something like that. (laugh)


--(laugh) So you're releasing this song alongside your first album. What are the songs about?


S: This time we wanted to try and appeal across a wide range of music. Our strength and sexiness come out with our debut songs "Tick Tack" and "Forbidden Love," but with our other songs we want to show other aspects of oursleves, like that we're kind and romantic. There are also songs that show that we can sing -- that we don't just dance -- and we had fun trying a lot of different things for this album.


We want people to know that we're soft and kind, not just pretty faces


--Are there any songs that you particularly like or would recommend?


Ki: I think I'd recommend the title song, "A Shared Dream." I really like ballads, and I like that it seems like it would be easy to dance to.


H: And on top of that, in the music video, Kevin is underwater.


Ke: That shoot was hard! I was in the water all day starting at 3 in the morning!


E: I'd recommend "Show Me Your Smile." It's a really bright, fun song, so it pulls the listener along to the climax. I really want to sing it at a concert soon.


--You've also recorded Japanese versions of your Korean songs. How was it converting them to Japanese?


S: We have a lot of strong, aggressive songs in Korean, and they really suit the Japanese language. Japanese has a lot of words with a strong pronunciation and accent, so it really suits songs with a strong beat. Korean is easier to sing, but we still understand what we're saying in Japanese and give our singing a lot of emotion. So Japanese fans, please: listen to the Japanese versions!


Ki: Also, this album isn't all strong beats, there are also ballads. We want people to listen to this album and see that we're soft and kind.


--So then which side do you all tend toward, strong or kind?


H: I think we have elements of both, but... Probably we're all more kind.


S: But we're all friends, so we can get pretty mischevious. That's what's good about us. (laugh)


(Text: Wakamatsu Masako, Photos: Suzuki Kenta)



*Don Quijote is a discount chain store with locations all over Japan.