SSTV Music Video Awards Picks

Each year the folks at Space Shower TV select the best PVs of the past year to recognize and present with awards; I've been given the task of watching all five insane hours of PVs to give you my thoughts. As I watched these PVs, I formed my opinions around four categories: the video I think should win, the video I think will actually win, best song, and "WTF was this nominated?”. Follow along as I geek out, question the nominators' taste, and get to know some of the very best PVs of 2010.

Written by Erin Grace

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Jaylee's Top Ballads Of 2010

Jaylee loves ballads, yes he do!

Jaylee loves ballads, how 'bout you?

Another year another excess of ballads to come out of Japan; GK has searched through the haystacks to find the beautiful shining needles of love that will be sure to pierce straight through your heart! So grab a lover, a cat, or a bottle of wine and sit down for some slow jams, bittersweet love songs and heart wrenching ballds.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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