Kuroki Meisa - "LOL!" Exclusive Interview Translation

Original: Oricon
Translated by Erin Grace

I sang with the spirit that’s invited by the sound

--“LOL!” is a charming dance tune, a change toward lighter music.

Meisa: I wanted “LOL!” to be both an extension of my existing work as well as something completely new, all wrapped up in one song.  Until now my image has been kind of “single-toned,” and in contrast this song is “patterned.”  Marbled, sort of.  It doesn’t have so much of sparkling, crackling feeling; it’s more bassy and heavy.

--You also challenge yourself by trying out rap.

M: It was really fun!  When I listened to the demo, I thought, “Yeah, this’ll work.”  And I recorded after I met Angelina Jolie [who was in Japan promoting “Salt,” released 7/28], so I was in really high spirits.
--You’re using a rougher voice than you have in the past, and you have a better beat than would be expected for a first try.  It seems like you’re a real rapper.

M: Thanks!  Yeah, I rap everything this time. (laugh)  JUNE, the composer, gave me really detailed direction, and I sang with the spirit that’s invited by the sound.  She was like, “Badder!” and “More sexy!”  I was like, “OK!” (laugh) 

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