Sakanaction "DocumentaLy" Interview Translation

Source: Oricon

It feels like we covered a lot of new ground 

--For this interview we have both Yamaguchi (Vo) and Ejima (D) with us.

Yamaguchi: Eiji [Ejima] did more work on “DocumentaLy” than on any other work of ours so far. He shouldered the burden of advancing the recording, and wrote more lyrics than even me. I was away from the group for a long time, and there was a lot of time where only the four other members worked on the album, so we were a little uneasy. We went forward with his brilliant leadership. I’m very grateful. (laugh)

Eijima: That’s not to say that I’m a better leader than Ichiro [Yamaguchi]. (laugh) To be honest, I was nervous at first, but as we four worked together, we began to understand one another better. Little by little we began to progress more smoothly.

Y: Until now everyone just interpreted the motifs that I threw out, and so the images we came up with were rather scattered. But this time, because of Eiji the ideas are much more homogenized.

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