GK's Top 5 Albums of 2011 [So Far]

After the triple disaster Japan faced nobody knew what to expect from the Japanese music industry. Though it should come as no surprise, as after only a few weeks of limited releases the industry got back into the swing of things and continued to release high quality music as if nothing had happened. We offer this list to those who do not have the time to go through the copious amount of Japanese releases each year. We highlight what we believe to be the best based on our individual tastes. Hope you all enjoy it!
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Fukuhara Miho "Music is My Life" Interview Translation Part 1

Original: Excite
Translator: Jaylee

Excite: So, it’s been about half a year since your last single release.  The single after your first album “Rainbow,” “Hanabi Sky” (Released in June of 2009) came out while you were on a nation-wide tour which began this interval of releases.

Fukuhara: That’s right.

Excite: So, what did you do during that time? (Laugh)

Fukuhara: Like having a good time? Hahaha! Honestly, I was probably having fun with my music. This time for about a year and a half I got the time to do things I wanted, like carefully crafting music. I kept on trying to make an album as opposed to just a single.

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