Go!Go!7188 Interview Translation

The band promoting "Go!!GO!GO!Go!!"Original: Tower Records
Translator: Erin Grace

This June, GO!GO!7188 will celebrate the 10th anniversary since their major debut.  Akko (bass/vocals), Yuu (guitar/vocals), and Turkey (drums/vocals), whose music is nostalgic even on the first listen, have continued to play cute and exciting rock.  They’re for sure a rock band that couldn’t have come from anywhere but Japan. 

A year and four months after their last album, “Antenna,” GO!GO!7188 changed labels while in the midst of a rigorous tour and a battle of the bands series.  They’ve now completed a new album, “Go!!GO!GO!Go!!”  Having arranged more colorful and poppy songs than ever before, they’re evolving a flavor that only they could produce with their scaled-up performances.  In this interview, they’ll candidly discuss what they were aiming for with this album. 

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