Perfume "Laser Beam/Kasuka na Kaori" Exclusive Interview Translation

Source: Oricon

Perfume’s first double A-side of 2011: the thrilling electric sound of “Laser Beam,” and the impressive “Kasuka na Kaori” with it’s tender strains of piano. The variety of Perfume’s expressiveness is clear in the contrasting styles of these songs. We talk to the girls about this amazing single.

Is it a miracle? Was it thought out? The truth is...

--“Laser Beam” is a really great song.

Nocchi: Thank you. We wrote this song for Kirin’s “Chuhai Hyouketsu” [alcoholic drink] commercial, which is why the lyrics have phrases like “Minoru kajitsu ga mizu wo hajiite” [“The fruit flicks through the water”].

--The phrase “Kokoro wo shuwari to tuskisasu no” [“It pierces my heart with effervescence”] is very impressive.

Kashiyuka: We wanted to give it a fizzy nuance. (laugh)

--(laugh) The song has a futuristic feeling, but the sudden sense of reality that you get from the line “Ground ni tatsu kimi no sugata ga” [“Your figure as you stand upon the ground”] is also very interesting.

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