Kato Miliyah "M Best" Exclusive Interview Translation

Original: Excite

I wanted the songs on the album to leave no question about who I am

--First off, let me ask a frank question. Why did you choose to do a best-of album now?

Miliyah: I wasn’t thinking about timing with this album at all. I’m not commemorating an anniversary, I’m not switching labels, and I’m not going on hiatus. (laugh) But about a year ago, during a production meeting, the topic of what constituted my best work cropped up. I was also interested in what the reaction would be when I released a best-of album someday, but I didn’t say that we should try it within the year, or that it should happen now. I thought I’d release it in my own time.

--So you changed your mind?

M: I did. I can’t really explain it, but lately I’ve been thinking that I’ve been doing music for a long time. And at the end of last year’s tour - I don’t think about anything but the tour during a tour, so I think about my feelings at the end of the tour - and at that time, for whatever reason, I felt that it would be better to release a best-of album before releasing the next original album. And after that I wrote “Yuusha-tachi,” and that the song gave me a push. I thought, “I’m living as a musician, and I wrote this great song!” and I drew strength from that. I was in the frame of mind that, if I could write a song like that, that I should take a short break. That’s when I decided to release this best-of album.

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Kato Miliyah - HEAVEN Exclusive Interview Translation

Original: Oricon
Translator: Erin Grace

Her newest album, in which she makes her resolution to keep singing! 

“I can freely say that the place I’m at now is an endless heaven!” That’s Miliyah Kato’s 5th album, “HEAVEN.” This is a serious album, in which she asks herself, “Why do I sing?” and makes her resolution to keep singing. 

I'm always facing music passionately  

--[With this album] you’ve been able to free yourself, haven’t you?

Miliyah: Precisely.  I feel like I’ve been able to truly express myself. 

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