Koda Kumi "Dejavu" Interview Translation

Original: Oricon
Translated by Erin Grace

I want to try new challenges, and I’m interested to see your reactions

“Dejavu.” Directly translated from French, it means “already seen.” It’s a word that describes the experience of feeling that a particular experience has already happened, like something that has happened in a dream. 

“Dejavu” is the name of Kumi’s 9th album, the first since she released “UNIVERSE” last year. Kumi, an artist who loves to take on new challenges, is just breaking into the 11th year since her debut. 

“I think of deja vu as giving the impression of a dream that’s come true; as they say in French, ‘Tu as deja vu’ (in English “You have already seen”), which means ‘You’ve seen bad times like these before, and you can overcome them again.’ The image of a woman carrying heavy burdens and overcoming high hurdles is something that I sang about in my previous single, ‘POP DIVA,’ and that it resounds in my heart that I’ve overcome difficult experiences during these past 10 years myself. I’m also thinking about the image I want for my next tour. I want there to be the impression that you’ve seen it before, but also the feeling that you’re seeing it for the first time. I want everyone to experience the new Koda Kumi in this magical space where dreams come true.” 

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Interview Translation: Koda Kumi "3 Splash"

Koda Kumi "3 Splash"
WHAT’s IN? July 2009
Translator: Erin Grace

This summer, we’ll be getting a single from Koda Kumi that’s packed with charm. From these types of fun songs, the impression of Kumi as a heroine has completely changed, making for an interesting work. Which you’ll like the best is something you should definitely figure out for yourself.

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