Dragon Ash "Mixture" Interview Trans.

Original: Excite
Translated by Erin Grace

--You’ve been writing songs continuously since “FREEDOM” went on sale.  Will this album be a jumble of songs that you’ve been working on for the past several months?

Kj: No, no, nothing like that.  Although we recorded the songs we wrote, we tossed them around to each other at first, like “How’s this one?” Once we all knew what direction we wanted to go with it, I moved forward.  I wanted to know if there was a clear direction we wanted to aim for, and which we would pick.

--So what’s the whole story behind “MIXTURE?”

K: In March [of last year] we released “FREEDOM.” That April we wrote “FIRE SONG,” in May we wrote “SLASH,” then “SOCIABLE DESTRUCTION,” then “AMBITIOUS.” While we were writing good songs, our reactions to them were subdued, like “Hey, yeah, this is good.” The atmosphere in the studio was like “Okay, well, let’s do more then.” It was in this way that we were able to see the direction of the album.

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