Orange Range "NEO POP STANDARD" Exclusive Interview Translation

Source: Natalie


We always felt a little like going against the flow


--In July of 2010, ORANGE RANGE started their own independent label, “Super Echo Label.” This is the first time you’ve spoken with us, so I’d like to ask how it felt to separate from your old label and start your own.


N: We were of course thinking a lot about whether we’d be able to convey the novelty of our situation when it came time to put out information and music. I mean, before that, when we were at our previous label, if we made music they didn’t like it wouldn’t be released, and we wouldn’t be able to play it in anticipation of a release date. But now that we have our own label we can release anything we want to do. That’s obviously a huge difference. If we think to ourselves “We want to put out some music today,” we can just up and announce it. We can play new music at our lives right away, and then release it later. When we make music, we want people to hear it immediately. Our listeners can can be in lockstep with our feelings from day to day. It’s invigorating.


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