Perfume "Spring of Life" Exclusive Interview Translation

Source: Excite


--Just as you'd expect from the title, "Spring of Life" perfectly represents the season of spring.


A-chan: Perfect! When I hear it I can't help but move and sing along.


Kashiyuka: It's totally refreshing.


Nocchi: I think it's a very passionate song.


--It's your first single of 2012. Did you ever speak with Nakata Yasutaka about what kind of feeling you wanted from the song?


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Nakata Yasutaka "STEREO WORXXX" Exclusive Interview Translation

Source: Yahoo! Music Japan


It feels closer to being a manga artist than a musician


--Congratulations on completing then"STEREO WORXXX" album! What kind of album was this for you?


Nakata: I was very particular about maki gsure that it was full of the pleasure of music and an atmosphere of ringing sound. Capsule is a unit that puts out music with the utmost honesty. There are a lot of elements to the production that youwouldn't think about if they weren't there.


--Speaking of which, you work on mass productions like the music and vocals for Perfume and Kyari Pamyu Pamyu, the "ONE PIECE Ten" event and "LIAR GAME -Saisei-" soundtrack.


N: Of all those, capsule is the only project where I think about nothing but the music.


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Perfume "Laser Beam/Kasuka na Kaori" Exclusive Interview Translation

Source: Oricon

Perfume’s first double A-side of 2011: the thrilling electric sound of “Laser Beam,” and the impressive “Kasuka na Kaori” with it’s tender strains of piano. The variety of Perfume’s expressiveness is clear in the contrasting styles of these songs. We talk to the girls about this amazing single.

Is it a miracle? Was it thought out? The truth is...

--“Laser Beam” is a really great song.

Nocchi: Thank you. We wrote this song for Kirin’s “Chuhai Hyouketsu” [alcoholic drink] commercial, which is why the lyrics have phrases like “Minoru kajitsu ga mizu wo hajiite” [“The fruit flicks through the water”].

--The phrase “Kokoro wo shuwari to tuskisasu no” [“It pierces my heart with effervescence”] is very impressive.

Kashiyuka: We wanted to give it a fizzy nuance. (laugh)

--(laugh) The song has a futuristic feeling, but the sudden sense of reality that you get from the line “Ground ni tatsu kimi no sugata ga” [“Your figure as you stand upon the ground”] is also very interesting.

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Perfume Web Exclusive Interview Translation

Original: Oricon Style
Translator: Erin Grace

Perfume’s first single for 2010, “Fushizen na Girl/Natural ni Koi Shite,” will soon be released!  2010 is a critical year for Perfume, who face their 10th anniversary – and 5thanniversary of their major debut.  In this interview, who knows what girl talk will come up as they tell us about their thoughts on the new songs!?  

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