NICO Touches the Walls "Sudden Death Game" Exclusive Interview Translation

Original: Excite
Translator: Erin Grace

--“Sudden Death Game” takes the bands edginess to a new level; it’s a new kind of song.  The riffs come to an end in a cool way.  How long have you been working on it?

Mitsumura: We actually came up with the intro in May or June of last year at the end of a retreat.  We were inspired by some drumming Tsushima did, and from there we gradually layered the guitar over it.  But we played around with just the intro for half a year. (laugh)  At first we weren’t even going to put it on a single, and we thought we’d just write it for fun, and thought up a lot of weird parts for the arrangement.

--And when did it come to its current form?

M: We came up with the hook around March or April of this year.  While at first it seemed like post-rock, we thought about creating it with a “human electronic” feeling, but the melody kept getting harder and harder.  So when we went to our retreat this year, I really felt that Black Sabbath was a boon to us.  We’d only listened to “Paranoid,” the second album, and I thought that we’d created a great song for sure.

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