Abe Mao "Tatakai ha Owaranai" Exclusive Interview Translation

Translated by John Thomas

Source: Yahoo! Music Japan


I never want to be separated from the voice in my heart


--First, I want to ask about the title of the new album. The title song, “Tatakai wa Owaranai,” is an invigorating and positive rock number. When did you write it?


Abe Mao: It was January of this year. As I was writing the lyrics I thought to myself, “This is the album title!” That’s the mode I was in.


--In more concrete terms, what kind of mode would you say it was?


A: I felt like no matter how old you get or how far you go, the fight in you doesn’t end. It’s about the dreams and beliefs you’re born with... You have to fight for them despite the people trying to influence you otherwise and the difficulties you have along the way. That’s the “fight” I’m talking about.


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