Alice Nine "9" Exclusive Interview Translation

Source: Natalie


We didn't need to do the impossible to show who we are


--Musicality that isn't caught up in the genre, a grand worldview that envelops the entire album. This album, appropriately named "9," really shows off the special qualities of Alice Nine. What are your thoughts on it?


Shou (vocals): We're a band that's turned our hands to various genres since the beginning. We didn't go through that stage where we're a new band just trying things out; we hit upon a sound that we liked on our previous album, "GEMINI," and "VANDALIZE" before it. On "9" it feels like we're returning to the standard Alice Nine, but we're taking advantage of the challenges we experienced to give the sound a persuasive power. I think that this album is the one where we loudly proclaim, "This is who we are as a band."


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