Tsuchiya Anna - "RULE" Exclusive Interview Translation

Original: Oricon
Translated by Erin Grace

We talk to Anna about the explosion of her work!  How is she recovering from her decline?! 

Tsuchiya Anna has just completed her hot new album “RULE.”  As we speak with her about this album, she holds nothing back! 

“RULE” = Putting my own rules first 

--This album is called “RULE,” but the songs on it seem free and uncontrolled. “Unruly,” if you will. (laugh)

Tsuchiya Anna: In this case, “rule” doesn’t mean law or regulations or routine, but instead it stands for your own personal rules.  I mean, in war it’s just accepted that you are allowed to kill other people, but your personal  rule doesn’t allow you to kill another human being no matter what.  Or, no matter how badly you’re bullied and teased in class, you’ll never give up.  I wanted the title to speak about putting your own rules first.

--So then, if the songs on this album are “Tsuchiya Anna’s Rules,” then did you use very personal lyrics? 
A: I did.  I sing about all different kinds of things, from the weirdness of the world, to the importance of life, to my real thoughts towards men. I just say everything that I think.  I mean, human beings can be pretty disgusting, so it’s useless to act like we’re awesome.  Of course, there are also children who can display the exact opposite of that, so I wanted to say that we’re not all perfect, but dammit, we’re trying.  I don’t make humanity out to be perfect in any of my songs.  I’m telling it straight.

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