GK's Top 5 Albums of 2011 [So Far]

After the triple disaster Japan faced nobody knew what to expect from the Japanese music industry. Though it should come as no surprise, as after only a few weeks of limited releases the industry got back into the swing of things and continued to release high quality music as if nothing had happened. We offer this list to those who do not have the time to go through the copious amount of Japanese releases each year. We highlight what we believe to be the best based on our individual tastes. Hope you all enjoy it!
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Moumoon "15 Doors" Exclusive Interview Translation

Original: Oricon
Translated by Erin Grace

We shaped the songs as we progressed forward

--From “EVERGREEN” and “Sunshine Girl” to “moonlight,” “15 Doors” is an album packed with the many different sides moumoon has expressed over the years.

Yuka: “EVERGREEN” is a somewhat heavy song, so I think the people who came in after that were surprised by “Sunshine Girl.” (laugh) But this time people are coming into the album through all kinds of “doors,” and I really want to see the surprised looks on all their faces when they see this line up.

Masaki: To do that, we included songs that we’ve done up until now as well as new songs and did our best with them. I think the album has a good feeling to it. (laugh)

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moumoon - SPARK Exclusive Interview Translation

Original: Excite
Translator: Erin Grace

Excite: Your most recent album, “SPARK,” is your second mini album along with “Refrain,” which was released this past March.  Is there any relevance to this?

Yuka: Honestly, a lot of the songs on “Refrain” and “SPARK” were rather unexpectedly created around the same time.

Masaki: I can say with confidence, from all of the songs that we’ve created, the ones we really wanted to release in the spring went onto “Refrain,” and the ones we really wanted to release in the summer went onto “SPARK.”

E: Do you have a “grading scale” to determine which are best for spring, and which are best for summer?

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