Negoto "sharp #" Exclusive Interview Translation

Source: Excite


It was the first time I'd thought of it, so I was surprised


--"Sharp #" has been chosen to be the opening theme for "'Mobile Suit Gundam AGE' Asemu Arc." It's a song that conveys strong, earnest emotions. When and how did this song come to be?


Aoyama: We created it as an original song in July of last year. After that we added the orchestra, and after that we got the word about "'Mobile Suit Gundam AGE' Asemu Arc." The anime really suits the worldview of the song, which had a quick, strong feeling from the beginning. So rather than it feeling like we're using the anime as a pretext for the song, it feels like they let us write the song that we wanted to write. Until now we've tended to do music that does something really impressive with the instruments, like in "Merci Lou." But this time [Masuda] Mizuki gave us the theme of "emotions" right from the get go.


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