POLYSICS Exclusive Interview Translation

Source: Excite
Translated by Erin Grace

“The band is more ‘compact’ this way, and we want our themes to be the things that we think deeply about.”

--With “eee-P!!!” you’ve completed your first album as a three-member group.

Hayashi: It’s an even more interesting album than I thought it would be. I’ve been doing POLYSICS for 14 years - March marks year 15 - and this album is really packed with the kind of inspiration that I had in the early days.

--Since this is your first album as a three-member group, did you get the sense that you were spreading yourselves too thin?

H: Ah hah hah. I think that every album! (laugh) It’s not so much that we thought, “Well, what do we do now that there’s only three of us?” but... We didn’t go overboard either. Instead, our tour after the release of “eee-P!!!” was a shot in the arm for us, and we started to wonder what it would be like if we tried doing the music that we really wanted to do. The feeling was very strong.

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