RADWIMPS "Zettai Zetsumei" Interview Translation

Source: Excite
Translated by Erin Grace

Music became even more interesting for me

--Almost half of the songs on this album are from demos that you made in advance.

Noda: That’s right. We took some time off to look at the band. After our tour from year before last ended we each found something to reflect on and took the time to think about what we should do next. To that end, we didn’t get together for six months. But I still really wanted to write music, so I went to the studio by myself and worked alone. It was a good way to spend the time, and I found that music became even more interesting for me, and we were able to add those songs to this album.

--You’d changed the way you wrote music.

N: Yes. The result was a beautiful, magnificent album and I think that’s the biggest thing to come out of our break. I was able to express what the other three members have to say better than ever before. When we got the demo back, they understood what I was thinking about at the time. We didn’t get together and play the songs then listen to them one by one; to a certain extent we just let the finished product speak for itself.

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