GK 149 - Too Soon-ami


AA Picks / T-ARA - Roly-Poly / FLOW / Charts&News

Released: 2012-03-09, RunTime: 42min19sec

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Now with faster downloads!


That's right, until my bank account runs dry, enjoy the incredibly fast download speeds of an honest to goodness Content Delivery Network. It's pretty rad...


But you don't care about that. You care about Japanese Music! I hope you don't mind, but we bought you a cake. OK, so it's just the album cover for FLOW's Black&White album, but i guarantee a picture of a cake tastes just as good as one I'd actually bake. Jaylee is apparantly a fantastic baker, so make him concoct confectionaries for you. I'm not your slave. Neither is Jaylee. Bake your own sh!t!


I always seem to start nice in these intros and quickly blame you guys for something. I apologize. We're still friends, right? How about a little T-ARA review as a peace offering? GK-AA Picks? A new pony?


Trust me, you don't want the pony. Those things poop like crazy! NOOOOTES!



- Switching days, hosts, and more!
- Erin's lovely translations are going strong:
   - Tohoshinki Translation now live!
   - U-KISS Translation now live!
   - Yasutaka Nakata Translation to come
- What are you J-Doing? 
   - Jaylee is in AI with moumoon
   - Erin goes through a bunch of recent releases and is ultimately unimpressed
   - LoKi has a heart-on for the new Rurouni Kenshin trailer.


 Opening: Koda Kumi - Lay Down

 Closing: Stereopony - It's a Wild World


[GK-AA] Picks:
 - LoKi : Aqua Timez - MASK
- Jaylee : Ai - Independent Woman
 - Erin : Sleepy.ab - Andromeda

[EPISODE MUSIC] (in order)

 - [10:32] Roly-Poly (Japanese ver.)
 - [14:08] Kojinmaru ~Uso~
 - [17:57] Apple is A (Japanese ver.) 


 - [19:45] Chelsea Girl
 - [23:35] Kanjo Koushinkyoku
 - [27:11] Rock Climbers
 - [31:05] BLACK & WHITE


- Plastic Tree drummer hospitalized with Hepatitis and they still aren't interesting

- Universal doesn't want Perfume to collaborate with Jason Derulo!

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[B-ROLL]: - LoKi loves terrible Swedish music
  - Charts and News theme song

- [Single] Japan UNITED with Music - All You Need is Love
- [Album] ISSA x SOULJA - ISM