GK 152 - Yakiniku & BJs

Acid Black Cherry - 『2012』

AA Results / Kis-My-Ft2 - SHE! HER! HER! / ABC / Charts&News

Released: 2012-03-31, RunTime: 51min07sec

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No matter how you explain it, it's everybody eating meat.


It's my turn to be back from New York City, this time with stories of a very historic concert at Madison Square Garden. I would've paid double what I did to see them (in fact, I tried. Damn you floor seats!), and they are always a spectacle to behold. Could've used less dreadlocks though...


This week, we learn a bit about LoKi's psyche with reviews of Acid Black Cherry and Kis-My-Ft2. It's a twisted place indeed. Like "Alice in Wonderland" filled with Japanese women in their 20's all dressed in cat suits. Also, Spider-Man shows up every now and then. He and Gambit talk about how awesome I am and get jealous that all the cat suit girls are for me. 


ANYWAYS...We record Gaijin Kanpai every Wednesday night at 7:30pm PDT at http://JpopJrock.com/LIVE and would love it if you graced us with your presence!


Until then, enjoy the show and our NOTES!



- Erin's lovely articles are going strong:
   - Acid Black Cherry Translation now live!
- What are you J-Doing? 
   - LoKi went to the historical L'arc~en~ciel concert at Madison Square Garden
   - Erin and Jaylee are super lame.


 Opening: Koda Kumi - Lay Down

 Closing: Stereopony - It's a Wild World


[GK-AA] Results:
 - Erin : [7:07] NUXX - Born to Walk
- Jaylee : [8:18] 2NE1 - SCREAM
 - LoKi : [9:50] Bonnie Pink - Keep Crawling


[EPISODE MUSIC] (in order)

 - [14:43] SHE! HER! HER!
 - [19:23] Deep Your Voice 


[ALBUM REVIEW]: Acid Black Cherry - 『2012』:
 - [23:02] Fallin' Angel
 - [28:11] Shojo no Inori III ~『2012』ver.~
 - [33:03] in the mirror
 - [37:17] Chou 


- Charts!
- Jin Akanishi being punished by Johnny, forced to pay much yens for cancelled tour
- Kuroki Meisa mum on motherhood (See what I did there?) 
- AKB48's Maeda Atsuko will be graduating (someday)!
- AKB48's Itano Tomomi in a relationship with EXILE's Takahiro?

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- [Album] MiChi - Therapy
- [Single] Masaharu Fukuyama - Ikitero Ikiteku