GK 162 - His Majesty of Hawaii

T-ARA - Jewelry Box

AA Results / PES from RIP SLYME - Megami no Kiss / T-ARA / Charts&News

Released: 2012-06-09, RunTime: 45min10sec

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LoKi and Jaylee aren't in a fight, we swear. We may only have 2/3 of the hosts but that doesn't mean the show is 1/3 less fun!

I dunno who told PES he should try out a solo project but they should be forced to listen to this single on repeat until the error of their ways becomes clear. Luckily, T-ARA offers a reprieve from PES's unique talents with their first Japanese album "Jewelry Box." That's right, two Korean groups in a row! You may be sick of hearing us cover them but you'll just have to deal because LoKi has a massive hard-on for K-Pop. 




- No Jaylee this show.
- Erin's lovely articles are going strong:
   - GK PV Play!
- What are you J-Doing? 
   - LoKi watched VS Arashi with Tommy Lee Jones & Will Smith. Also, a Jin. PV he can't remember the name of
   - Erin heard much blah music: L'arc tribute, Namie Amuro, and Sekai no Owari. Suggests Miii's Rabbitbass EP.


 Opening: Koda Kumi - Lay Down

 Closing: Stereopony - It's a Wild World


[GK-AA] Results:
 - LoKi : [10:38] Unlimits - Cascade
 - Erin : [11:50] Sakanaction - Boku to Hana
- Jaylee : [13:19] EXILE - ALL NIGHT LONG  


[EPISODE MUSIC] (in order)

 - [18:05] Megami no KISS
 - [22:57] Kono Yoru wa Owaranai


[ALBUM REVIEW]: T-ARA - Jewelry Box:
 - [24:00] Breaking Heart
 - [27:13] Weironi
 - [31:10] Yayaya


- Charts!
- Noanowa drummer leaving the band
- May 31st is Hawaii's official "L'arc~en~Ciel Day"
Tanaka Reina getting her very own rock band
AI's dancer may have killed someone. 

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- [Single] ZONE - Treasure of the Heart
- [Album] Karasu - Tenshi to Akuma