GK 171 - Let's get RiP'D!

ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D - From Dusk Till Dawn:

AA Picks / RADWIMPS - Sprechchor / RiP'D / Charts&News

Released: 2012-08-11, RunTime: 36min52sec

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There’s no Erin this week so we run a little short, but that doesn’t mean we’re light on the content! This episode we review the debut album of a band that’s relatively new to the show, ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D, as well as old GK favorite RADWIMPS. It’s an enjoyable week for music - with a few caveats - so buckle in and get ready to rock (just make sure to roll the window down if you RiP one)!




- 49 weeks until Jaylee's birthday!
- No Erin this week.
- Our lovely articles are on hiatus.
- What are you J-Doing? 
   - Jaylee recaps the first two days of Rock in Japan Fes digest footage.
   - LoKi briefly discusses 4Minute and the Olympics. 


 Opening: Koda Kumi - Lay Down

 Closing:  Crystal Kay - Delicious na Kinyobi


[GK-AA] Picks:
- Jaylee : 4Minute - Love Tension
 - Erin : Perfume - Spending all my time
 - LoKi : Miwa - Hikari e


[EPISODE MUSIC] (in order)

 - [12:37] Sprechchor
 - [18:21] 22:20:12:5:14:2012


[ALBUM REVIEW]: ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D - From Dusk Till Dawn:
 - [19:52] Dance on the floor
 - [23:06] Over the RAINBOW


 Kojiharu gives LoKi a very sexy birthday gift in the new issue of ANAN.
- Osamu Tezuka's "Black Jack" to get US drama adaptation.

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- Jaylee RiP'D one.

- [Single] Miliyah Kato - HEART BEAT
- [Album] SID - M & W