GK 199 - Pair O'Crocs

Koda Kumi - Color the Cover

AA Picks / BoA - Only One / Charts&News

Released: 2013-03-15, RunTime: 57min32sec

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So you won't slip on the green beer this weekend.

LoKi is in for some punishment in the penultimate episode of GK as we review Koda Kumi's second cover album! The crew gets pretty distracted and go off on quite a few tangents this episode but since we're ending the show in less than a week we doubt you'll mind. Make sure to join us on Saturday, March 16th and 7PM PST on ustream so we can all say goodbye to each other!




- GK will be concluding with episode 200
- GK#200 will be ustreamed at 7PM PST on 3.16!
- 18 weeks until Jaylee's birthday!
- What are you J-Doing? 
   - Erin found somebody who KNOWS us?
   - Jaylee enjoyed m-flo's NEVEN, is addicted to Fairy Tail and finds Ni no Kuni to be lovely.
   - Zer0 plans on having a big J-doing next episode. 
   - LoKi sings crunchyroll's praises and suggest the bands Nothing Carved in Stone and Man With A Mission. 


 Opening: Kimura Kaela - Mamireru

 Closing: Crystal Kay - Never Say Goodbye


[GK-AA] Picks (still):
 - Erin : Sakanaction - Rookie
 - Jaylee : Galileo Galilei - Boku Kara Kimi e
 - LoKi : AKB48 - Beginner
 - Zer0 : Perfume - Natural ni Koishite 

[EPISODE MUSIC] (in order)


 - [15:45] Only One
 - [19:23] The Shadow


[ALBUM REVIEW]: Koda Kumi - Color the Cover
 - [25:48] Pink Spider
 - [29:21] Lovely
 - [35:13] Blue Velvet
 - [39:04] Dou ni mo Tomaranai
 - [41:31] Uta wa Wa ga Inochi 



- AKB48 nude photos AKA Jaylee's (hopefully) final fuck-up.
- AI isn't a lesbian?
- ZONE haven't broken up already? Well now they REALLY have.
- Voice actor of Zenigata from Lupin III passed away.
- Donald Richie passed away.


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