Ayumi Hamasaki's TeamAyu Diary Sept. 25-27, 2009

So.... many.... PICTURES! Ayu posted a TON of photos of rehearsal with her dancers, some of which are quite fun. She also got her first phone straps made by Satsuki for TA members, and showed them off very proudly. Also read on for a funny story about why she woke up so early one morning... :)

Ayu's updated since these entries, but it's almost 2 AM and I seriously need to get some sleep. Stay tuned for another update very soon!


All the various
25 September 2009 1:42 AM

methods you guys ended up telling me about will be very useful~☆
Such a great turnout of replies, my message box is full of them~♪♪♪ Thank you♪
I'll try them out right away~.
Despite thinking that, being unable to put even one idea into practice is my ID. (an ID I don't need.
This is because just now, the edit of a-nation '09, scheduled to air on WOWOW day after tomorrow, has been finished----!!!
Teehee-------------. Goin' crazy-------. lol
But we did something cool. It's complete and uncut☆
Look forward to that~!!!!!!!!!

So, let's have a glance at some photos of the goings-on at yesterday's Makuhari rehearsal-.
First off, having a meeting over the rehearsal procedures, the director & Koichi & Ryuu & me.
There was alot of buildup for this so we're all really serious-.

Trying to keep everything in order in my head.

At last, we begin---------!!!!
Everything around me would be a spoiler, so I'm not gonna let you
see any of that, I gotta keep it a secret-.

Akirax is always in places where I can see him,
so when my eyes start swimming (lol) he's always
kind enough to let me know!!!
Thanks always☆

And, lest you think I'm being to serious, I found various amusing photos.
First, this is more beautiful than amusing, but (the person who's photo this is will be revealed soon) it's just amusing that this beautiful moment was able to be captured.

Ready..... Go!

YEP, IT'S MARONII-----------.

Next up, this person. A rare appearance.

Ready..... Go!

Oh mother, sexy--------.

Yup, that one was Gomi-sensei♪
Alrighty, let's hurry up & move on.

At first, I thought he was eating something, but looking closer,
it appears to be the exact moment of a sneeze.
Yes, ta-da!!

Ready..... Go!


I do wonder what was really going on here.
Alright, next photo, ta-da!!

I'm not here, I'm not here...


Okay, next!

"Something smells..."

"Gah, something REALLY smells~~~~~~."
Ah, sorry Kazuma, you're just taking the dance so seriously. lol
But a few of them pinched their noses too hard. Maybe people's armpits got too wet. lol
I think that might be correct, huh???
Yes, everyone can make a fuss-, ta-da!!

Ready..... Go!


So yeah we did that sort of stuff, but really the whole group was taking it seriously. lol
In this picture, Chonsan's even pointing her mic at the empty seats.

Don't I look like I'm having fun?
By the way, here's the most cheerful person in the arena.

What are you up to, Sou? lol

(papers say "Suba-sama" on the left, "Shuuya" on the right)
The same thing Koichi is doing! lol
It's hard to see, but the middle paper has
"Jin" written on it in hiragana. Level up! lol
Once that's over, Akimax & Chon-san switch places, and Chonsan makes sure everything looks right from the front row.

Even though they're completely tired, they dancers keep at it without deciding to quit, and everyone on staff and Chon-san cheer them on.

And I watch very attentively.

You might have the impression that it was a complete rehearsal.... no, it was just one rehearsal day.♪
I was so sweaty I had to change my clothes 3 times.
But take care of that pineapple, Shuuya.
There's still more to do. Studio rehearsal is still left, so everyone is doing fine, the band members, dancers, staff. Everyone is smiling and energetic in order to get through it all quickly, so I think I have to be reliable too.☆

In such a short amount of time,
26 September 2009 9:50 PM

my hard drive has been working awfully hard and it's hurting my lap now, but today, I got to return home ahead of schedule.
I'm home so early, I don't know what to do with the extra time! (be patient?
In all seriousness I'm gonna try to rest and let myself recharge. Don't worry~☆
Well, I got alot of messages from everyone, "Upload photos of the girls too~ <3" So as far as that goes, um, Chon-san is not so bold as to mess around with her big sisters' photos (lol) so I found a cute shot of the full set of 4 cute people, I'm uploading it here♪
Yup, ta-da!!

I think you know them already, but just in case, top right in the photo is Aki-ane, and then on the left is Kayanocchi.
On the bottom row, to the right is (my) Midoring.
To the left side, Chi-chan.☆
Well, my head is slowly getting sorted back out~...
But right now I think there's a demon in there.
"The edit of a-nation for the DVD, please!!!"
Oh, really? Is that how it's gonna be?? lol
I'm workin' on it-------!!!!!!
Alright, I gotta get back to work now. lol

26 September 2009 10:53 PM

As far as the a-nation editing, I can tell you that there'll be off-shot!!
There are tons of extremely rare backstage & behind the scenes shots. I'm worried how much of this it's okay to show you all (lol).
Butbut, it's not a mistake that the DVD will be full of this valuable footage, so look forward to it~☆
Yesterday, Chon-san kinda fell behind a bit cuz she had to buy Kazumasa Oda's best-of.

This early
27 September 2009 9:57 AM

I didn't plan to wake up so early, I woke up at about 6 AM today.
What the heck, getting up such a short time after laying down. lol
I felt like I was having a really scary dream for some reason, and I felt paralyzed and I couldn't even breathe.
Maybe it's not like this for everyone, but for me, when I realize that "Aah! This is a dream!!" I know the technique to forcibly slip out of it, and force myself awake.
So of course this morning, I was really scared, so I went "UNGH!" and forced myself out of the dream so I could wake up.
So I did that, but I wasn't in a dream in the first place.
Paralysis ☞ big fat Marron got on top of my body & fell asleep.
(He could not be moved.)
Labored breathing ☞ Cocoa was sleeping on top of my face.
(Crafty li'l guy.)
So as it turns out, my two little babies were the cause.
So thanks to them I'm completely awake, but I did not enjoy the Tokyo sunrise, so I covered up the window completely and, that done, I started cleaning up the room. 6 AM? Really? lol
I even did the laundry. I apologize, that's not becoming of me. lol
I don't usually do that. (Talking about it, I mean.)
So now that the whole family's got this & that sparkling clean, it's already this time of morning~!!!!!!!!!
Proof that I suck at this. lol
But with cleaning, laundry, cooking, small simple work... I'm usually awesome.
Whether I like it or not. That's the point. lol
And I don't need it, but in my spare time I figured I'd see if I can make spinach.
But officially...
My li'l arfies, they fell right to sleep.
What the hey??? lol


Finally received them~, the first ones!!!!!! ta-da!!!

The accumulation of love and effort and tears and sweat from Satsuki-chan's whole group is here in spades.

Lovely, huh?☆
By the way, everyone in Team Kobe (that's Satsuki-chan and everyone) are immediately starting work on the next TA-exclusive neck strap.
My goodness, all that effort and fortitude, and the ability to concentrate is probably a necessity.
That way they can make a number of them...
After all, they're not just slapping them on, but they're precisely placing the stones all together on there one by one...
I can't help but hang my head.
I can't be defeated either, I have to live through today with all my strength☆
Go for it----------!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Satsuki-chan!! You stick those things on, everyone!!!!!