Ayumi Hamasaki's TeamAyu Diary Oct. 11-14, 2009

OMG, it's 3 in the afternoon and I'm done translating already! Usually I do these really late at night but I didn't want to wait this time. Dunno why. :)

Anyway, Ayu talks about her upcoming new songs a teeny-tiny bit, realizes what her favorite food is, makes fun of her own obsessions with candles & sparkles, and reminisces about New York a little. We also seem to now have a run-down of all the dogs she currently has living with her, which is nice.

As usual, my Japanese sucks and help is therefore welcome. Please do not repost these translations anywhere but feel free to link all your friends to this post! :)



On the 10th,
11 October 2009 12:54 PM

I wrote about it in the entry entitled "Some time ago," there were alot of "we want a song!" requests from everyone in TA, I mean there were tons and tons of them.
Since the middle of the night last night, until just awhile ago, even though I was all stressed and feeling like "omg I'm NEVER gonna get this done," I searched through and listened very carefully to every single one of hundreds of demos that I had on hand, searching for the right one, and then...
I found it. And then I made the song.
Now, the next step in the process, which is to be amazed that I was able to make such a song.
Do you guys ever feel that way too?
It was a miracle I was able to finish it so quickly.
Originally, it was planned that I'd have 2 new songs, but it might be 3 songs now☆
They're a totally different type of song, but I could only possibly make these songs as I am right now.
Please look forward to them.
I am just so.... GENKI right now!!!!!!!!!!
I've been immersing myself in making songs so much lately, so together with my much-loved Ane and Oto*, we three came to this much-loved Thai cuisine restaurant to eat & recharge.

The calendar & coathanger above us totally rock.

The power outlet & circuit breaker behind her totally rock too.
This makes it look like we came by bike but we didn't.

This Tibetan** fur coat is sleeveless, but I have additional things to layer on top of each other for when it gets colder. But as it is right now, just putting on this one thing is warm enough.☆
I got it at Tocopaci.
It's like I've only been shopping at Tocopaci recently, so I probably seem like a Tocopaci spy (lol), but actually I go to stores on the street, it's just that my select shop is both domestic and outside Japan and I absolutely love them, so I'm gonna still keep going to Tocopaci. Yup.
Today's bag & sunglasses:

It's a FENDI spangle bag and Ray-Bans.
Lately I don't wear anything but Ray-Bans~. They make me seem mischievous. lol
My shoes are these rocking boots.

The mix of the pipe and tubing totally rocks!
The heel rocks so much.

Looks like a bolt or something? (Not the Olympic runner.)
And my babies too, they're genki.
They might be li'l teeny tiny guys, but they go through life with such strength!
Pino-san, and the camera's view of Papico-san. <3

Shy Choco-san <3

Purin-san, whose special skill is "Sitting still" <3

The Hooligan Princess, Cocoa-san <3

The one who understands me best, Marron <3

I hope today is a wonderful day for all of you...☆

*Literally "older sister and little brother," but in reference to an older girl friend and younger guy friend.
**She just says "CHIBE" here in katakana, so I'm making a guess that it's short for "Tibetan," but I'm honestly not sure.

Just now, after all this time,
13 October 2009 12:22 AM

I have realized that my favorite food ever (and Ane and Oto agree) is just spicy food~. (even though it's so bad for my voice)
And usually, when I go out to eat during my private time, It's almost always Korean, Thai, or Indian food~!
Even then, adding more spices to it is our ID, it seems.
Ah, another ID I don't need. lol
The Chon-san writing this is wondering what to deliver to you tonight, during this break from work.
Incidentally, my huge blond-haired companion is in the middle of working right now.
Ah, when I say blond hair, do I mean black AND blond together?
In my first time meeting him, he was waiting, and he was struggling hard... or so I thought, but that was his usual poker face. (by that I mean "armor").
But I know.
He was always the type to work hard but then shed tears when he thought no one was looking.
By his very nature, he couldn't continue being interested in a person's exterior beauty for very long. Probably only for a second.
The person I think this about - no, the person I KNOW this about - radiates beauty from the inside of course, but he just happens to also sparkle on the outside too.
I could be fascinated by a human being's innermost heart.
I wonder why this Chonsan has these strong sorts of feelings tonight?

At last
13 October 2009 10:06 PM

they came---!! Candles that totally fit the season~!♪
I'm so happyyy--------------♪♪♪
Chon-san is a total candle otaku*, and I collect them all year round, but I only light them at night as you might expect and it is the coolest looking thing ever~.
Lately I've been only using candles when night comes~.
I keep hoping that the daytime won't be long, my eagerness attacks~! lol
I change the sweet-smelling candles out depending on my mood, but as you might expect, they always do smell nice.
According to the brand, there are also candles that don't smell at all.
But VOLUSPA is always right.
Not one thing wrong in all these years.
The scent I'm addicted to recently is Pink Magnolia. <3

I choose the candles' sizes based on where I put them.
Well, the medusa face on this table sure is creepy. lol
In the restroom, I have li'l baby VOLUSPAs all liiiiinnnned up.
Here's the li'l babies with some decorative plants.

This (I should say "the scent") is for the interior.
But even when I don't light them up, just putting them there makes everything smell good. <3
Just surrounding myself with things I like, pretty things, it totally raises my spirits!!!
I feel like I can do anything!!!!!!
Suddenly I get Phone Photo Fever!!!!!!!!!!
This is in the bathroom**~.

I somehow thought I should place shells & stuff around the sink. lol
And isn't this awesome?

Look closely until you see the necklace~.

The little decorative flowers & shells & this and everything, they were ordered from my Mommy's place.
And then my power stones, also never wrong.
There are a bunch of these babies all over the house too.
For example, here's Mr. Amethyst.

And also Ms. Crystal. (Not Christel***.)

There's more too <3
Oh that reminds me, I forgot to upload pictures of this baby~!!
Alrighty, ta-da!!!!!!!!

Satsuki-chan even decorated this single-lens reflex camera.
WTF, is there no end to where we'll go with this decorating stuff? lol
After all, we could go the whole way up to the car, right? lol
What do you think? Satsuki, get your decorating army together!! lol
By the way, it looks like this when you take the big lens off.

Teeheehee <3
I just noticed, I've strayed quite a bit from talking about the candles, but I'm having fun anyway so whatever, right? ♪
So, again, straying from what I'm saying, but because of Subalog I've been missing New York lately.
I first went there about.... 15 years ago.
Time sure does fly. I mean, I'm 31 now. lol
Ah!! My goodness!!! Just from that, I'm suddenly wanting to reminisce and look at photos of New York.
Yeah, the view from the room that I always like to stay in.

Central paaarrrkk♪ I wanna walk there now--------!!
Okay, next picture, Ta-da!

A cake that says "Welcome home", with America photos♪ This makes me happy.
Okay, next picture, Ta-da!

American Museum of Natural History!!
We went here every day.
Throughout the day we'd like, turn into elementary schoolers and play around.
Okay, next picture, Ta-da!

And we absolutely HAD go to F.A.O.schwarz (a really old & well-known toy store☆).
Of course I had to buy a gigantic plushie.
Hey look, I have black hair here! lol
That's it then, I know I'm kinda ending it without a proper conclusion.
Days like that do happen~♪

*Just for the record, yes, she actually used the phrase "candle otaku."
**She used the word "restroom" in katakana earlier, and "bathroom" here, implying that these are two different rooms in her house. Just thought I'd clarify that.
***"KURISTERU" as opposed to "KURISTARU". Might be a reference to announcer Christel Takigawa, or perhaps tarento Christelle Ciari. One of the two. Or maybe it's a brand name. Or maybe it's not referring to anything specific, just a generic name. I dunno.

14 October 2009 12:13 AM

My explanation seems to have been insufficient, so I'm back!!
That black hair is from when I was in New York and was taking photos there.
My hair isn't black right now~.
I'm still touring so I can't change my hair color at the moment.
That is all!☆