Ayumi Hamasaki's TeamAyu Diary Sept. 27 - Oct. 1, 2009

Alrighty, here are her entries up to (but not including) Ayu's birthday. LOTS OF PHOTOS. Ayu is VERY proud of herself for making breakfast, she and her girlfriends argue over who gets to be what Sex and the City character, we get LOTS of photos of rehearsal, and Ayu got two more doggies, named after brands of ice cream. Pretty fun series of entries :)

Anyway, as usual, my japanese isn't great, feel free to submit corrections.

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Casual God Club* part 2
27 September 2009 11:49 AM

Lemme show you what I did.
I still have time until work, so of course, as the vice president of the Casual God Club*, I needed to kill the time somehow, so I'm continuing the cleaning and laundry I started awhile ago, and I made breakfast.
I never do this sort of thing.
I get someone else to do it. (Who?
This activity is just one link in the long chain of the Casual God Club's duties.
Besides, making a relatively big thing for no reason is one of the vice president's charm points**.
Alrighty, ta-da!!

Black sesame spinach, chopped fish & veggies in soy sauce, and a boiled egg. Yay me! lol
By the way, the way I wrote "hourensou (spinach)" one entry ago is the way I say it, based on "Info, Contact, Discussion ("houkoku, renraku, soudan")."
My favorite saying. lol
Oh well, I don't need it, "hourensou." lol
That photo from my cell phone ☝ the food on the side is hourensou. (spinach. did you catch that?
I made a sort of curry out of all the ingredients.
The ingredients... were whatever was in the fridge at the time, so that's what I messed around with. lol
So I'm never gonna be able to make exactly this same thing again. lol
I can't eat white rice, so I used unrefined brown rice.
But making too much rice~ and too much curry~ wouldn't appeal to my neurotic sense of aesthetics, so because of that, I put the amount of rice I'm able to eat in a cup, and I tap tap tap on it with a spoon (making sure not to smash the rice down☆) and then put that on a plate, and then I feel good about it!
Then, with the brown rice & curry alone, it's this sports team light brown color (lol), and that made it look kinda lonely, so I sprinkeld some parsley and stuff on there and it got so pretty!☆
By the way, I'm an alien from the planet Basil, so I scattered a bunch of basil on there too.☆
Oh yeah...
I bet that's what you're thinking, right? lol
You probably want me to cut it out already. lol
I'd never be able to finish this story, I have such an uber-"yay me!" feeling.
With that, this meeting of Japan's Casual God Club* is adjourned!!!!!

*Best translation I could think of for this o_O!! Basically referring to how proud ayu is of doing everyday "casual" things. She is a casual god. lol... I'd say something like "Domestic Goddess Club" but it has too many connotations of motherhood/wifehood.
**"CHAAMU POINTO" in katakana. Basically means... a particularly charming aspect of a person. Something attractive.

Ya know,
29 September 2009 12:36 PM

I'm a bad liar... Everyone probably knows this. lol
That's a pretty bold assertion, but recently my spirits have been ultra-low.
Like, I've had no will power to update my blog.
And upon seeing me all namby-pamby, Kanako Bancho Miura said to me
and with Minazo's warm encouragement, we went out into the city tonight.
What's more is that we quickly got Tsuriko-oneesama to come too, and the members got a power up!
We felt so refreshed that we were even able to goof around like this.

Well, our spirits weren't raised right off the bat~.
I might have been in the dumps for awhile, but hey, that pain is just evidence that I'm alive and that I'm a human being, so even this naive & cowardly me can do my work in high spirits!
For some reason we took tons of photos, so more will be uploaded tonight!!!!!!!!!

30 September 2009 12:36 PM

is the birthday of ayu's dancer Kazumax!☆
Everyone, when you have the time, please send him your congratulations messages♪
Cuz I think that would REALLY make him happy♪♪♪

KAZUFIS's Blogfis
Dancer KAZUMA's blog

Ah, this isn't an attack, of course!!! lol
Lately, "Subalog." has turned into a life textbook for Chonsan~.
Seriously~, absolutely everyone had better read it!!!
Just in case you guys haven't gone yet.

dancer SUBARU's everyday journal and questions

The photos I promised to upload are coming soon <3

Love is not an illusion.
Love is definitely something that comes true.
The light of hope is shining.
Yes, if we believe in it...

The sky might be a bit far away,

but I want to look for the end of the rainbow.

30 September 2009 6:01 PM

Yesterday, I said I'd upload them, but then I neglected my li'l photo dudes, so here's the conclusion of that.
First, as I wrote about, it was these members ☟

I dunno why Minazo looks like that.
This was a veeeerrrrryyy unclean place, but (packed full of love <3)
Although it was veeerrrryyy good for our group size, but (packed full of love <3)
And the food was veeerrryyy delicious♪
And the whole crew of employees was veeerrrryyy cheerful♪ We loved it so much♪♪♪
But, as far as Little Miss Negative Chonsan, she was making this kind of face.☟

WAKE UP-----------. lol
Beside me is Dalmation-Tsuriko-aneesama, trying to help me liven up.
When we were done eating our meal, we went to a friend's place.

If you think the main point of this photo is "Chonsan is casually walking down the street!!", you're wrong.
This photo's biggest point of interest is that Dalmation-Tsuriko-aneesama is carelessly tossing the luggage in her right hand over to Minazo, all the while walking and exploding with nonstop machine-gun talk! lol
Level up-------------. lol
So what I uploaded yesterday was me & Minazo playing Paparazzi, and after that, all the ladies played "Sex and the City" which I KNOW you guys all know.☟

That's a bunch of trash to the left, but we had a blast anyway.
So anyway, Kanako Bancho Miura was saying,
Do all you ladies understand the level of that suggestion? lol
Alas, our spirits were raised only temporarily, because when we couldn't come to a basic compromise on who played who, our spirits fell with a pretty epic THUD, but despite that, this was a veeeerrrrryy nice day.<3
Thank you! <3

On the right is that trash again. Oh well! lol
Weeellll, yesterday during rehearsal I took tons of photos, so I'll upload those too♪
For now I'll put up one photo of this pair right here.☆

It's Yo-chan and Peco-san~♪ Hooraaaay♪♪♪

1 October 2009 5:03 PM

I say it with feeling, cuz as I wrote yesterday, the band & dancers & staff all had rehearsal together, so I'm uploading a bunch of the photos real fast!
First, sensitive concentration. Ward off all the wicked thoughts.

Then, the whole crew gathers in the studio!!!
I love how the air feels just before we begin.

It's called a rehearsal, but we keep flying with the same motivation as if it were a real performance.
Look how serious Shuu-cha is!!

Su-san puts some heat on it too!!

Aki-ane in front of the boys, all flowing together!!

Chi-chan, always that same tiny face!!

Enrique, your legs are too long!! (I'm reminded of Mahone*)

The combo of Yo-chan & Peco-san in full effect!!

And I'm all sweaty!!

I caught a Su-san!!

Zin-san looks all Ganguro!!

Maro-nii with the spirit of a diva!!

I can't lose!

And here is the original diva spirit!!

I can't lose!!

The girls-tachi can't lose either!!

Rocky-san jumps with his ultra-small face!!

And Kazumax, having reached age 26, floats in the air!!

Akirax is doin' his thing!!

Nii-yan's face in profile just kinda looks wrong!!

Mother Go-mi, whose energy level is just as high as always!!

We can't lose!!

Way too sweaty and I need to change clothes!!

Kayanocchi as seen by the camera!!

I thought it was an angel, but it was Midoring!!

But, still, must be serious!!

This is the same person who was having a "One at a Time Meeting" in an alleyway, being all genki!!

This is the same person whose 31st birthday is right under her nose, and I decided something!!
Which is...

As of today, my family has increased by two 2-month-old members!
Their names are Pino and Papico.

Four more shows left, we are one group, again, again
I swear to report to the stage, leveled up and confident!!
Please look forward to it as much as you can!!!

*Alexander Mahone (played by William Fichtner) from Prison Break, which Ayu is a huge fan of, as many of you will remember.

Lying down.
1 October 2009 7:35 PM

They're both two months old, but look how different their face sizes are! <3
Papico is on the right, Pino on the left. <3 They were born in the summer so I named them after ice cream. <3
These guys lie down in symmetry to each other. <3