State of the Union

As some of you may have noticed, GK has not been posted for this week. Nor has Dorama Club for that matter. They will be soon, I assure you.

Last week, yours truely decided to upgrade his mac to Snow Leopard. In doing so, as a good tech, I did a full backup of my laptop and did a fresh install. Everything went nicely and when my backup disk came up and Snow Leopard asked me if I wanted to use it for backup, I surely did want to. Now, let this next sentence be a lesson for everyone: When you choose a drive to be your Time Machine drive, it COMPLETELY FORMATS the drive before starting your backup instead of just adding another computer's backup database which I thought it would do!

"So what was lost," you might ask? Well, ALL the templates I use to edit Gaijin Kanpai and Dorama Club along with ALL the raw audio from EVERY episode (except this week's). I ran a recovery app which took 48hrs to finish and while I think I might have some of it back, my templates and raw audio seem to be history. 

My point in all of this is to ask that you guys be patient and sympathetic. GK and DC may sound a little off until I can get the templates fine tuned to be at least as good as they were after 5months of tinkering.