Ayumi Hamasaki's TeamAyu Diary Oct. 2-7, 2009

Hello friends, and welcome again to another edition of Ayu's blog!

This time, Ayu attemps to wean herself off workaholism, shows us the difference between Pino & Papico, looks forward to the shows in Yoyogi, and works on a new song! Yeah! Ayu's working on a new song! Woohoo!!!

As usual, feel free to submit corrections if you know Japanese better than me, and please don't repost these anywhere.



Soooooooo many
2 October 2009 1:22 PM

kind messages, I truly truly thank you! <3

I'm going to hold back a bit during performances tomorrow and the day after, my excuse being "birthday." Of course, with my personality being what it is, putting on the best show possible for you guys has top priority, but making too many "waah waah!" noises would be too taxing on my voice really. I wouldn't be able to put on a convincing performance for you, and that wouldn't be cool at all. I stayed with my babies in the house yesterday, and as soon as it hit midnight, everyone started rapidly sending me messages! My cell phone just kept on ringing in real time as they came, but I was still able to read them.~<3

So my new family members were encircled by extremely lively little babies, and Chon-mama passed the time idly as a sumo wrestling official. <3

And today might be my actual birthday, sure, but until tonight, my schedule is packed!!!

But since everyone on ayu's staff, who I love, will be around, I'm happy <3

Of course, there's still more to do, I can't just watch the house all day, so Papico & Pino are coming with me to work! <3

But it seems our work isn't anywhere near over until our last moments in Fukuoka, so I can't meet up with everyone which is really disappointing, but...

Tomorrow at about noon-ish, I'll be going (ah, it's my hometown, so "coming"* maybe?), so tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, for two days, everyone's going to have the best time together!!

We'll be standing up on that stage together, but surely, everyone there will really be one of us, and you'll power us up!!! We won't mess up!!!!! They'll be an unforgettable two days☆

Well, Chon-mama has to head to work with her babies now.

Every year KAZ hands it to me, all the messages from everyone in TA compiled into a big present~<3

When I recieve them, I always read them very carefully.~<3

And no matter what, I still cry "boohoohoo" every year. lol

*The verbs for going somewhere and going back home are different in japanese. I couldn't think of a way to translate that well in english.

6 October 2009 12:53 AM

Yeah, I think that word is the most sufficient to describe my current state.
Alright then, do~mo, konbanwa, I'm a coward.
Since I haven't been able to write anything simple or profound or powerful over the last few days, and looking back would take too much care and time, today, like a coward, I'm going to give you all a course on how to make the distinction between Pino-san and Papico-san!☆
Okay so, first off, here's Pino-san. Ta-da!

Moving on, Papico-san. Ta-da!

Yep, you can already see it, can't you?
That's right - Papico-san's age of 2 months doesn't seem right given his body size.
His body fits in Marron's food dish (the biggest of all of the food dishes) and he has memorized a technique for snatching his food.
Pino, however, fits in my hand~.
Every day, they just walk wherever, having great adventures here in the house.
Of course these two aren't twin sisters, they're twin brothers. <3
Well, I'm working on a new song soon.... actually I should say that I better get started on it very very quickly!!!!!!!
Why do I always put things off till the last minute, I wonder...? lol

7 October 2009 1:20 AM

...Actually, I've been working on the song to the point where today has now become yesterday, maybe, but honestly, I don't really know.
Well, it hasn't exactly been smooth sailing, but the overall image is very concrete now, and usually, I work in a straight shot until everything's all finished. I can't do anything else during that time though.
Today, I took a rest every now and then, but I still made progress.
First, I looked at all the audience POV videos of Fukuoka. Once that was done, I watched the producer POV, looking at fine details for things that can be improved for the shows in Yoyogi. All finished!♪All good!♪
So, after that, I took the time to check out all the presents and letters and messages and everything that sooooo many people gave me over the course of my birthday week.
Afterwards, I got this from KAZ.

All the messages from everyone in TA <3
The back looks like this <3

It's enough to make you cry, huh?
So this & that got done, and here yesterday I said that I had stuff I could write about but I was thinking I wanted to keep the words to myself, but I'm thinking "that's wrong~."
Words can't be laid into a picture frame, right? I thought.
But still, if I can say it, we're coming up to the last city of the tour, and ever since I started planning for this tour, I couldn't have imagined how much these shows would evolve into something so wonderful, and we're bringing the tour to a close with the shows in such perfect form.
So now we turn straight towards the goal of Yoyogi, not lost at all.
I truly thank you.
Once I got home, Papico turned into the most codependent person ever.

At least I thought so, but my kiss was denied! What the hey?

With a side glance from far away, Pino sees this, but he's doing his own thing.

He decided to lie down. Not interesting enough for you, eh?

He looks like that, and I just become so impossibly happy.
As usual, I can't reach something if it's out of my reach, but

This 31 year old is making a crazy good song.☆