I Doubt It...

JaME brings word of a new Every Little Thing single to be released on November 18th titled "Tsumetai ame". They go on to say that they're working to create "a truly remarkable tune..." in the form of a winter ballad. Am I the only one who thinks "ELT" and "ballad" have not been a good combination over the last 5yrs, give or take? Arguably the last good ELT ballad was "Fragile" but they've always been successful in my mind with their upbeat tracks like "Grip!" and pretty much everything from their "4Force" album.

I'm not sure what happened to ELT after the "Many Pieces" album, but they fell into this ballad and melodramatic song kick and it really needs to stop! Ikkun might as well not even be in the band anymore as a song with any kind of recognizeable guitar riff is a needle in the haystack these days and that's a shame because he's one of the most impressive guitarists I've ever seen. I mean, the guy barely ever looks at his hands when he plays and I defy you to find a more "holy crap how can one's fingers move so fast" moment than his solo in "Grip!" (3:18 of this video). 

So, ELT, stop with the endless ballads, stop with the acoustic album releases, and stop pretending you weren't once an awesome synth-pop band! Revisit your state of mind from 2001 and make me a fan again!

Every Little Thing Single from JaME USA