Episode 37 - Coo-Coo Box

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Jaylee was not feeling well on Thursday, so this week is another quick & dirty outing with just LoKi and Zer0. We still manage to keep it fun & fantastic, though! Oh yes, I said fantastic. Cuz that's what it is.

Here are the show notes! Enjoy the hell out of 'em! :)



GReeeeN Aren't Breaking Up
Gackt stars in jidaigeki play next year
HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR at Sakuracon
Acid Black Cherry takes a break for vocal chord surgery
Yukie Nakama and SMAP's Masahiro Nakai hosting Kouhaku again
Yaida Hitomi is a mom


Blood: The Last Vampire live-action movie
Glay - I am xxx
Siam Shade - SIAM SHADE IV.Zero
Inoue Yosui - GOLDEN BEST
HANGRY & ANGRY - Sadistic Dance
nobodyknows+ - best of nobodyknows+
NICO Touches the Walls - kakera
Aikawa Nanase - tAttoo


GLAY - The Great Vacation Vol. 2 (we promise this time!)