Gaijin Kanpai Episode 38 - 'Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra'

038 - 'Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra'
GLAY - Great Vacation vol.2
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So we went into this show without a second segment to do, no top 5, not enough for a 5-fun keikoku.... so LoKi suggested, hey, let's just talk and see what happens! And you know what? It was awesome. For those of you who don't come into the ustream chat, this is the sort of thing you miss out on. But for ONE TIME ONLY!!! you too can experience the joy!

If it turns out you like the random discussion, do please come and join our uStream while we record the show every Thursday at 7:30 PM Eastern/4:30 Pacific. The show usually takes at least an hour, so if you're late, come on by anyway! Hang out with us before & after the show, give us input on our discussions, maybe even get a mention on the show.

On to the show notes!

Utada Hikaru MIGHT have a new single
Utada's 2010 US Tour
BOOM BOOM SATELLITES performing in New York
Noriko Sakai Sentenced
Maximum the Hormone on break due to pregnancy of drummer Nao
New Gackt Single Info
Slash and Koshi Inaba collaborating
YUI recording a new single
BoA working on new album

YesAsia lets Jaylee Down
What Does Everyone Want for Christmas?
Zer0 is a Sentimental Fool
TV Shows on DVD

GLAY - The Great Vacation Vol. 2 ~Super Best of Glay~