Speculation: JConcerts on US iTunes?

Live Nation today announced a partnership with Apple iTunes that brings both audio and video concerts to the US iTunes store. They've also announced that certain "Live Nation Network" venues have been wired to record the concerts performed there, though they did not provide a list. Also, it is a little confusing as to if the venues mentioned are live houses, audio recording studios, or both as all those possibilities are alluded to in the press release. 

So what does this mean for us JMusic fans? As most of you may know, Live Nation seems to be the company of choice Japanese Bands use to sell tickets to their US and European shows. We're talking bands like MUCC, Dir en Grey, HYDE, and Vamps. Most of you may also know that Japanese Bands love to film their concerts for future DVD release. While that's most definitely for their record label to release, the prospect of Live Nation working out a deal to release some of these concerts under this new partnership is intriguing and my fingers are crossed.

As of today, I did not see any Japanese bands listed on iTunes' Live page (opens iTunes).

Emails to the Live Nation PR Rep about how this might effect us JMusic fans have yet to be answered, but I also JUST sent them ^_^