D - "Genetic W∅rld" on iTunes

D - Genetic World album on iTunes - Gaijin Kanpai! J-pop and J-rock podcastTo all you lovely people who listen to albums as we review them on the show, I was "doing research" and watching D's "birth" live from Avex on youtube and an ad popped up asking me to buy the album on iTunes. 

So thanks to the magic of advertising, I'd like to let everyone know that Genetic W∅rld, as well as a couple of D's singles, are available on US iTunes. I downloaded my copy from BT a month or so ago but I bought it first thing this morning when I saw that ad. I'm pretty hooked on this album right now so I definitely think it's worth it!

So if you agree with my taste in music (hey! I saw you snickering you bastard!), I urge you to go buy this to support good JMusic on iTunes!