Zer0's Top Five Albums

I'll be the first to post up the explanation of my top 5 albums. We listed off our top 5 on episode 16, during the de facto Viewer Comment segment of the show. Thanks go out to Digital for asking the question. :)

4. hitomi - Thermo Plastic
3. Do As Infinity - BREAK OF DAWN
2. Utada Hikaru - DEEP RIVER
1. Shiina Ringo - Karuki Zaamen Kuri no Hana

YUI - FROM ME TO YOU: Another album where I don't skip a single track. It's difficult to do a whole lot with the girl-and-her-guitar formula, but YUI managed to succeed. Every song is polished & perfect, emotion comes through very well in her voice, and the melodies are memorable. It's hard to find an album this enjoyable. Favorite Song: Swing of lie

hitomi - Thermo Plastic: Another chick who rocks. This was the first hitomi album where she had more creative control, and she put that control to good use. The songs are great melodically, but it's the distinctive production behind songs like "Wish" and "Bird" make this album really stand out both in her discography and in my j-music collection. Favorite Song: Wish

Do As Infinity - BREAK OF DAWN: Yes, I do have more of an emotional/nostalgic attachment to their "DEEP FOREST" album. But this is the one where I don't skip any tracks, and that was a big factor when adding things to my list. Tracks like the creepy rock song "Raven" and the mid-tempo ballad "Another" are very attention-getting to me, not to mention classics like "Oasis" and their debut single, "Tangerine Dream." Favorite Song: Raven

Utada Hikaru - DEEP RIVER: I hated Utada Hikaru. And then this album's singles started coming out. It was frustrating. The album itself is epic levels of wonderful. It's leaning more towards the pop side of pop/R&B, making it easily accessible to people who prefer one or the other. The album dabbles also in new wave, dance, rock, and classical influences, while still keeping its friendly pop sensibility. It is, in my opinion, Utada Hikaru's best album, and one of the best japanese albums I have ever heard. Favorite Song: A.S.A.P

Shiina Ringo - Karuki Zaamen Kuri no Hana: This was the first album I recommended to LoKi back in the earliest days of Gaijin Kanpai. The album uses about a gazillion different instruments and somehow manages to have a coherent sound. To call it jazz-rock doesn't quite capture it, but no other term would really work. The album is more than just a collection of songs, it's an ALBUM. The songs are subtly mixed so one track flows seamlessly into another. The running time is exactly 44:44. The tracklist is (as in most Shiina Ringo albums) symmetrical. And the songs themselves aren't completely radio unfriendly. How can any human being accomplish this? I don't know. Shiina Ringo is fucking amazing. Favorite Song: Yattsuke Shigoto