Episode 017 - Do The Podcast

Well, here's our Do As Infinity special, as promised! For the first time ever, Jaylee gets drunk with us, finally adhering to the Kanpai part of our name! It is a truly magical event.

On to the show notes!



Youtube Playlist for Episode 017:

First Things First:
Shout-out to Tokyo Tower (at WAWL.org)

Who are Do As Infinity and Why Should I Care?
Personal Histories - How did Zer0, Jaylee, and LoKi get into DAI?
Our Favorite Do As Infinity Albums
Random chat about how awesome everyone in the band is
All-Time Favorite DAI song
Random chat about Do As Infinity live
Which is the best of DAI's 4th, 5th, and 6th albums?
LoKi and his friend are way luckier than Zer0 is
Van Tomiko's Solo Career
Do As Infinity's comeback

Songs Played in the Background:
Tangerine Dream
kokoro no chizu
rumble fish
kouzou kaikaku
sariyuku yuube
yotaka no yume

Next Week's Recommendation:
SNoW - hatsuyuki