New Poll - "Release Day"

Here are the results from our first poll:

What Should Our Domain Be?
4 Votes (24%)
5 Votes (29%)
    No Need to Change it!
8 Votes (47%)


So the people have spoken that will remain Thanks to all who voted.

To all who don't know, we record the show on Thursday nights and I edit it on Sundays with Zer0 doing the show notes after editing and then I post the show Monday mornings. So by the time you hear the show, the news is 4days old and for those who wait until the weekend to listen, the news is over a week old. Enter: our new poll. I can't always guarantee that we can get everything done and up by Friday night, but I'd like to try. So I ask you, fine listeners, to vote which day you'd like the hear a new episode.

The poll is at the left