D'espairsRay 'Redeemer' gets US iTunes Release!

Score! I was literally JUST talking to Zer0 about Japanator neglecting such awesome mainstream albums like 'Redeemer' from their "Best Albums of 2009"when I came across a story that D'espairsRay will, in fact, be releasing this most recent album in the US iTunes store!

I've mentioned how awesome this album is on GK, and I was never a D'espairsRay fan before it came out. I saw them live (and met them) when they played with Mucc on the Taste of Chaos tour and that's where I started to perk my head up a bit regarding them. 'Redeemer' comes packed with such great songs like 'Brilliant', 'Horizon', 'Reptile', and the VERY awesome 'Kamikaze'. There are 12 tracks in all and it will be available July 28th.

They've also announced a single to be released in September, also on the US iTunes store, to coincide with their 10th Anniversary...very cool!

Hit the jump for some PVs from the album. If you're not in the US, grab the album from CDJapan!