GK's Top 5 Summer Songs.

If you haven't noticed yet, it's Summer! Here are each of the hosts five favorite songs to celebrate the season.

Jaylee's 5

Zer0's 5

LoKi's 5

Jaylee's Top 5

05. Bennie K – Endless Summer with Blaise Plant: I had nearly forgotten this song when compiling my list, but it was one of my favorites when it had originally come out. I definitely have an important connection with this song. It’s basically an anthem dedicated to the end of summer, focusing everything that comes to an end along with it.

04. SweetS - Earthship ~Uchuusen Chikyuu Gou~: This was the very first song I ever romanized, nearly four years ago. With my very simple understanding of gana and a select few kanji, it took me hours and hours to complete. Although I heard the song hundreds of times over this period I never stopped loving it. It’s simply one of the most nostalgic summer songs I know.

03. Otsuka Ai – Kingyo Hanabi: One of my favorite things about Otsuka Ai’s music is her ability to craft unique lyrics that, while quirky, are just beautiful. This song is a gorgeous ballad about a love that Ai compares to the short life of a goldfish, which will only last the summer. Add in a simple, but equally compelling composition and you’ve got yourself a wonderful summer love song.

02. Do As Infinity – SUMMER DAYS: This is such an awesome song because it breaks the mold in so many different ways. The song itself has a very upbeat sound, but the lyrics are actually a bitchy commentary on “summer songs.” The best part is in the final chorus, when the truth is revealed, and we realize that the reason she hates the season is because she was dumped, ruining summer for her. One of the most unconventional love songs I’d ever heard.

01. Orange Range – LOCOLOTION: For me, this is the quintessential summer song. It oozes a carefree summer feel with an effective, if not cheesy use of female vocals to complement the boys of Orange Range. After seeing the video, I find it very difficult to think of anything other than a sexy, cheesy and fun summer track.

Zero's Top 5

I hate the beach, I hate sunshine, and "happy" songs very rarely do it for me (although there are exceptions). So here's where you expect me to say "I hate summer," right? Well, not really. I remember certain summers very fondly. It's just that I'm a very nostalgic person, and a night person, so the sad, pretty, "nighttime" summer moments are what defines summer for me.

So this list is songs that have that "nostalgic" sound, the songs that recall feelings of missing someone. Cuz I don't really enjoy summer for the summery stuff. I enjoy remembering hanging out with my friends during summer evenings back in the day. :)


One of those summer songs released during the spring for some reason. Also the reason I'm a AAA fan. Very good song. Oddly pretty melody for something so uptempo. And its lyrics make very little sense. Call me weird, but talking about dead German officers and UFO's makes a song just that much better.

(Song itself actually starts at about 2:45)

4. Fukuyama Masaharu - niji

This one, honestly, I don't really associate with summer very much personally, which is why it's so low. It is just such a FANTASTIC song that was marketed as a summer song, so I added it because it counts. One of maybe a handful of songs in the whole world that I actually find to be uplifting. I wish I liked more Fukuyama Masaharu songs, though - never did get into too much of the rest of his discography. But this one just makes me smile every time I hear it.

3. Do As Infinity - SUMMER DAYS

Such a great rebellion against the "yay, life is wonderful cuz it's summer!" songs that I hate so much. Van goes on & on about how much she HATES summer, how life is NOT magically awesome just cuz summer's here, and at the end we get the twist in the story that she hates summer because she got dumped during summer. Love it. Love it love it love it.

2. B'z - ultra soul

This was the first song I listened to during the summer, liked during the summer, and will now always associate with summer. Honestly my number three COULD have been pretty much anything on the "Green" album, but this song reminds me of a particularly badass summer in my life, so. REALLY love this track.

1. Hamasaki Ayumi - HANABI

This song makes me well up. I love the ticking-clock & music-box aspects of the arrangement mixed with the ocean-crashing-into-you strings in the chorus. Ayu sounds like she's crying when singing it, and the verses are quiet with ayu's echo in the background. So even if you don't know the lyrics, you know it's not a happy song, you know she's lonely (no it's not and yes she is).It's just so well-done and so well-produced. Why doesn't Ayu do songs like this anymore?

Loki's 5

Summertime to me is BBQ's, carefree days at the beach (note: i hate the beach), coronas, summer girlfriends and general merriment. So it's no surprise that my Top5 list consists of nothing but upbeat happy songs and a side of sugary pop with girls in cotton candy wigs...

05. Puffy - Nagisa ni Matsuwaru Etcetera

Probably the first Japanese "summer song" I ever heard, this Puffy song finds our dynamic duo spending a summer day on the beach in one of the Asian countries. I tried to find which one because I remember hearing it was one of the beaches that was wiped by that tsunami in 2004, but my Google skills are failing me. Anyways, the PV shows beach grilling (kani!), volleyball and bungee jumping. You don't get much more summer-y than that! BTW...I used to think the line, "Meriken hatoba de" actually was "American hot body" :)

 04. YUI - Summer Song

Yes, YUI has a problem with a lot of her songs sounding the same, but with 'Summer Song' she manages to convey the imagery of summer very well. Spending time with your school friends on a hot summer day while listening to music and cleaning a pool sounds oddly fun! The whole video is very bright and refreshing and I really just want to hug YUI...she'd let me, right?


03. Dragon Ash - Ivory

Forget the fact that this is probably my favorite Dragon Ash song, it's also a really good summer song. Dragon Ash has slowly become Hispanic over the last few years and I really like the change in their music because of it. Ivory brings the band to what I assume is Mexico on a hot, sweltering day. Dancing and playing music in an old Spanish church cut with scenes of the band sittin' on the curb with cold drinks and condensation running down the side gives me an awesome sense of summer sprinkled with some bits of culture. Skip ahead to about 35sec of the video because the intro's a bit boring.


02. MM Matsuri - Chu~Natsu Party / Summer Reggae Rainbow / Dancing! Natsu Matsuri

Waaaaay back in 2001, when Morning Musume was in their prime, they did their annual Shuffle Units where the entire Hello Project cast is gathered and split into any number of groups. I was probably too much of a fan of MoMuSu back then so, when these shuffle units came out, I paid close attention and came away with some of my most memorable summer songs ever. The groups were 3-Nin Matsuri, 7-Nin Matsuri, and 10-Nin Matsuri and the songs ranged from the sugary sweet Chu~Natsu Party, to the racist Summer Reggae Rainbow (complete with MoMuSu dreadlocks), and the more traditional sounding Dancing! Natsu Matsuri. So sit back and enjoy 3 videos for my #2 choice...it's up to you if you want people around you while you watch these :)


01. EE Jump - Ottototto Natsu da ze!
Finally, what better way to celebrate summer than with a convicted felon and his incredibly hot Korean partner? EE Jump is now defunct, but back when they were popular they released a summer song with one of the hardest, yet catchy, titles to pronounce. When Morning Musume would go on variety shows during that time (most notably Utaban), the hosts would have the members pronounce the name of the song. Why Morning Musume? Because Goto Maki's brother Yuki is the guy in EE Jump. The PV is very festive, Sonim is hot, and the song just has a very '4th of July' feel to it that has stuck with me for years when summer comes around. Since this song came out, Yuki has done some underage drinking and strip club hopping and spent some time in jail while Sonim tried her hand at becoming all sexified...her career has since fizzled as well :(

Make sure you enjoy YOUR summer, and I hope you take along some songs to remember it by!
-LoKi Out