Episode 22 - LoKi Shouldn't Dance on Camera

The title is in reference to Zer0 being distracted during the show by LoKi dancing to his music on camera via Skype. She apologizes profusely for her awkward pauses and accidental word switching. (Zer0 should never be the one responsible for the episode title.)

So Jaylee is being kept VERY busy during his summer classes, so he's not in this episode unfortunately. I hope you'll all give Jaylee a hearty "ganbatte!" so his absence isn't in vain, ne? ^_^

LoKi and Zer0 will be starting a new podcast next week called Dorama Club! More details on that during the show. :)

Onto the notes!


Do As Infinity unable to come to AnimeFest
The last chapters of InuYasha are finally being animated
AKB48 performing in NYC perhaps?
Koda Kumi performing outside of Japan
BoA doing a duet with Akon


Japanator's top 2009 albums are not good
Aqua Timez - Plumeria
Kuroki Meisa - SHOCK -unmei-
MICRO from Home Made Kazoku - Space Rhythm 1
Perfume - Triangle
Monkey Majik - AISHITERU
Gackt - Flower
SID - hikari
kalafina - storia
the HIATUS - Trash We'd Love
LM.C - Punky Heart
alan - The East in My Heart
Perfume - I still love U PV
Gackt - Lost Angels
Kajiura Yuki
Utada Hikaru - Beautiful World (PLANITb Acoustica Mix)
Tohoshinki - Stand by U
hitomi - LOVE LIFE 2


Alice Nine. - Vandalize


hitomi - LOVE LIFE 2