Mizuki Nana - "HIME MURASAKI" Lyrics

First off, an OPV edited by Zer0 (I suck at video editing, but I did alright all things considered):

After the jump, full romaji & then English, translated by Zer0, with notes.

I absolutely love this song, and when I love a song, that's when I care about the lyrics. Unfortunately, the translations I found were really shoddy based on the romaji lyrics I saw accompanying them. Granted, translation is as much the work of the translator as the original author - everyone has their own interpretation. So perhaps the other translations I found really aren't all that bad.

I'm really glad I went through and tried to interpret the song myself though - this is the translation I got, perhaps if you know Japanese better than I do, you'll understand the meaning of some of the imagery better (and you may very well find tons of huge, stupid errors in my grammar).

   "Hime Murasaki"*(1)

Lyrics: Mizuki Nana
Romaji & Translation: Delirium-Zer0

yuuyami ni sasameku
anata no shirabe ni toketeku
hikiose au manazashi ni
eien wo kanjite
shizuka ni mebuiteku inochi*(2)

You whisper in the twilight,
I melt as I watch you intently
As our gazes meet and pull us towards each other,
they feel eternity
And life*(2) silently flows through the air

haru no kaze ni harahara to maichiru
omoi no tsuyu wa
hoshi*(3) no meguri kuruoshiku kakimidashite
kowareyuku kochou no yume

Scattering in a delicate dance on the spring wind
are the dewdrops of emotion
Violently disturbing what's written in the stars*(3)
and destroying the dreams of the butterflies.

toozakaru ashioto
furueru senaka ni shimiyuku
shikkoku no ama no umi ni
subete wo nagesutete
anata no shiawase wo negau

The sound of footsteps getting further away
leaves a permanent mark on my trembling back
Into the jet-black celestial sea,
I throw everything away
Wishing for your happiness

ai*(4) no kawa wa saesae to
kono mi wo furi ugokashite
koe naki koe hibikaseru
munashiki hibi
kasaneteku amayo no tsuki

The river of love*(4) serenely
seems to be carrying this body
Whose voiceless voice resonantes
uselessly day after day
Under the moon, night after rainy night.

owarinaki arashi ni
uchikudarete hatete mo...

In this endless storm
I could be crushed and finished off...

haru no kaze ni harahara to maichiru
omoi no tsuyu wa
toki*(5) ni wasurareyou to mo
iroasezu ni
tsutau tada anata dake ni

Scattering in a delicate dance on the spring wind
are the dewdrops of emotion
But like anything else that can be forgotten in time*(5)
Their color fades
And they follow you away from me.*(6)

*(1) Hime Murasaki ("Princess Purple") is a specific variety of the Fuji Blue Japanese bellflower (Platycodon grandiflorus). Its name was left untranslated because even in English, the flower goes by its Japanese name.

It looks like this:

*(2)She pronounces this "inochi" ("life") but she has the kanji for "ai" ("love") written here.

*(3)She uses the kanji "unmei" ("fate") here but pronounces it "hoshi" ("stars"). The phrase used is "the rotation of the stars" here but basically that means the path that fate has dictated.

*(4)More writing/pronunciation changes. The kanji used here is "jounetsu" (passion), but she says "ai" ("love"), implying that this love is a fleeting thing that can't last.

*(5)She uses the kanji "rekishi" ("history") here but pronounces it "toki" ("time").

*(6)The lyrics here really say "they follow only you," the implication being that the feelings don't stick with her. Both the guy and her feelings for him are both going away, basically. He leaves, and she eventually forgets about him.