Episode 23 - Preggers is Hot?

Another saturday, another fine installment of Gaijin Kanpai! Jaylee is back with us this week, but it's still up in the air if he'll be here next week. After that though, for sure, he'll be taking a break for the rest of the summer to focus on school. Ganbatte, Jaylee!

A shout-out goes out to Atlas over at freshverse.com! More details of our potential future friendship with the site during the show.

Show notes time!!

AI collaborating with western artists for 10th Anniversary
Avex finally gets with it & releases Blu-Ray
Kimura Takuya & Sawajiri Erika to be in Yamato live-action movie
Gungrave and Beck are getting live-action movies too
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant guitarist passes away
Aya Ueto dubbing Astro Boy in new CG movie

VAMPS - VAMPS ("Cosmos" playing in background)
Hamasaki Ayumi - NEXT LEVEL
Mucc - kyuutai ("fuyuu" playing in background)
Alice Nine. - VANDALIZE
SID - hikari
Kanon Wakeshima - Shinshoku Dolce
Tohoshinki - The Secret Code
AI - Viva A.I.
UNDER GRAPH - kono basho ni umareta bokutachi wa...
BoA - BoA
Kuroki Meisa - hellcat
Micro - Space Rhythm 1
(We're all wrong in the show, btw - this IS Micro from Def Tech, NOT Micro from Home Made Kazoku. These guys have given themselves the exact same name just to mess with us and we apologize.)


hitomi - LOVE LIFE 2


Aira Mitsuki - PLASTIC