Ayumi Hamasaki's TeamAyu Diary 7/18-23/09

Here's Ayumi Hamasaki's blog entries. After the 23rd, Ayu has a four-entry series called "It never ends!" which I'll post all at once later this week. For now, Ayu blogs about random things she sees, TV performances, the solar eclipse, Boba tea, and rehearsals for a-nation.

Being in a whirlwind
18 July 2009 5:11 AM

It seems those two are happy about it---!(^_^)!
Sure it's surprising, but I'm not wrong (lol)
Hey, when it gets right down to it, this team here is the best!!!
Well, we're having a meeting now, so. lol
One observation of note, we agreed on the Welcome. lol
Well hey, that's important!
If I'm the only one in charge, it'd be wrong to say that that's fine, but the things I like most are all still definitely wonderful things, I think.
As for me, after this change, I still have alot of work to do. Not especially promising.
This is a challenge---...
I digress saying that, but still, the work never ends!
Boing..... wheeeeee--------.

Oh, that reminds me, today, at a major intersection, this guy on a bike took off his helmet & leaned his bike against a wall, and he did a great big huge yawn & stretch, but he was covered in sweat. It was weird, seeing that, he seemed very free & kinda vulnerable.
When I saw it, I couldn't help but watch in fascination.
It's not like it was an amazing spectacle, but it came across as really dazzling, to me anyway.
I even felt some pain in my chest...
I thought about how there are things that we've lost & can never have again.
Of course, I chose this way of living, so there are absolutely tonnnss and tons of things that I CAN have.
Among other things, getting to see all of you is way up there.
I can say that for sure. (*^_^*)
So anyway, I feel the manager behind me looking over here, so (lol)
I need to get back to work here.
I look forward to getting together with everyone today~o/~
TA is the strongest! o/~ o/~ o/~

Everything was shining, and nothing was scary
But back then I was only chasing beautiful dreams
The wind that cut through was too gentle,
I remember tears rolling down my cheeks
In the process of growing up, there are things I lost.
But, you see, there are... people who can never be replaced.
The wind that cut through was too gentle.
This time tomorrow, I'll still be loving you...

This morning,
18 July 2009 6:25 PM

my message kinda sounded like a love confession, didn't it? I only had a minute to send it you know. lol
I'm still getting messages. lol
Hey, am I being attacked here?!
So amusing~. rofl
But you know, I was saying that I loved all of you guys!!!
Because whether you stay by my side or not, you're still reflected in my eyes. (^_-)-*
PV editing has been difficult~~~~~~~~~.

I changed my phone for the summer o/~

18 July 2009 10:42 PM

I'm still getting messages. lol
Our eyes can play tricks on us, and you might not see the feelings that are really being shown, which is unfortunate, so please seriously read everything carefully! I'm desperate. lol
But yeah, really, there's been alot of messages.
We're not really sure but it seems that a bunch of you are playing along together.
I say there are many tens of thousands of people simultaneously playing. lol
That's the internet for ya.
But if you can do that, then it'd be necessary for everyone gathering at Tokyo Dome to play together! XD
TA, you guys are my bestest friends in all of asia! (*^_^*)

So here's this. Chon-san, taken with her phone just now.

WTF, why's it so bright? lol

This may be more difficult than I thought.

Really shiny, huh?

Whatever, it's probably cuz I was wearing such sparkly sunglasses.
You know, I really shouldn't wear such novel fashions.
Looks like the flash was completely useless, huh?

Here's this, just so you can see the sunglasses I'm wearing↓

Living just for myself
How boring.

...while writing this, I got even more messages. LOL

2009/07/20 3:13 AM

while we were going down Route 246, I couldn't help but think how this street always changes.
"What's up (・o・)? What's up (・o・)???" I looked around, and on both sides, the people on the sidewalk all stopped & looked up in the same direction, I noticed.
My goodness, was it a bizarre scene!
I was totally thinking that like, a UFO had showed up. LOL
But no, it was just a rainbow. A big huge rainbow right in the middle of the city o/~
I tried to hurry to take a photo of it with my phone, but I didn't make it in time. lol
But seriously, it's like there's nothing separating the street & the sky.

The sky is beautiful, it got this girl oddly excited↓

Nah, before this spontaneous shot, this girl was pretty useless actually.
I love being somewhere where I'm surrounded by mother nature, but I guess seeing nature being able to break through this city's gray buildings was really moving.☆

Well, changing the subject, today's last task was rehearsal.
After the end of it, I took pictures secretly in the studio.

From left: Waaay in the back is Suba-sama, wearing a bright yellow knit hat is the ever-cute Maro-chan, the knapsacked back belongs to Zin-san, the left hand belongs to Rocky who's watching a video, the one who seemed to be watching the video but isn't is Niiyan, and then Kaz-Max.
My secret photographing has been discovered!!! ^^;;

Yeah, so from left in this one: Maro chan in his bright yellow knit hat & flip-flops, Zin-san returning the cell phone photo, and then Kaz-Max who's lookin' like Crayon Shin-Chan, making his way in the photo unexpectedly.
And at the end of the day I took a magnificently special photo.

Aki glaring at Midoring, & Midoring being very self-conscious.

Nnaaaaaa~ so simple! \(__)

So so, everyone coming to see me at NHK, I'll see you there! o/~
Please be sure to come! o/~ o/~ o/~

21 July 2009 2:10 AM

The title doesn't really mean anything. lol

Well now, today, I woke up really quickly unexpectedly, with "Need to Drink Momi Tea Syndrome", bothering everyone since the early hours with "MOMI TEA! MOMI TEA!"


(Well, to be more accurate, the one who actually went to go GET it was Gyou-chan.)

After this, I had a cigarette in celebration, but because of that, inside this Momi-girl's throat, it was like BAM and it became hard to breathe. So I stopped smoking the cigarette.
I was sure to put the cigarettes somewhere far away from me.
I'm starting to rethink that decision.
One outfit for today's TV live~o/~

Recording went off without a hitch.
Neeexxxtt up~~~~!
Second out fit is greeeee~~~~~eeen.

I changed the flowers to pink ones, too☆
To everyone who came to watch, you were totally super-genki!
It was so much fun, thank you!(*^_^*)

Yup, the second taping went well too~(^_^)v
Now I have to head off to my next task~~~~~~~~~.
I'm sleepy...
I'M SO SLEEPY----------(=_=)

But I hafta keep holding on!

The day still has awhile to go before it's over~.

*"Midori" means Green, and ayu calls her dancer Midori Saito "Midoring." Hahaha. :)

"Momi Tea" is...
22 July 2009 2:42 AM

a drink from Hawaii. "Momi" means "pearl" in Hawaiian.☆
I think it's usually called "Black Pearl Tea" in English*, in mainland America, but that way of saying it makes it harder to order than saying "Momi Tea". ♪
In Japan, you can usually get it at Hawaiian food places~.
If any of you are interested, you really should try it out. (^_-)-☆
The tapioca is very different, it's deeper in the cup.
So anyway, I'm being careful not to smoke too much!! lol
Don't read too much into that - today most of the questions that rushed in were people asking me to explain Momi Tea~♪
I'm wary of the PV's due date, so since it's giving me a nosebleed I'm ninja-vanishing out of here today...
I have time to show you guys a photo but I don't have any today, so I'm gonna upload one of my Mop-chan.

This is such a perfect smile, lol.
That was princess Cocoa~ (^^) smooch!

*Or bubble tea, or boba tea... I've personally only heard those two, never "black pearl tea", but it's all the same thing.

It's official...
22 July 2009 11:37 AM

It's gotten too cloudy!!!
Awww.... the eclipse (T_T)

I SAW IT!!!!!!!
22 July 2009 12:03

But I had to nearly break my neck to see it, lol.
I just keeeppppptt looking up at the sky, waiting for a gap in the clouds.
AND I GOT TO SEE IT! (。) So exciting!!

23 July 2009 2:39 AM

That's what I've been up to. (^_^;)

First up, band rehearsal.
Peco-san's blog covers it too, but basically I thought we were seriously rocking, but then suddenly we all turned into an army of silly people.
How very grown-up!
I took cell phone photo then, and the whole crew stuck together & did peace signs.
Here they are, these "grown-ups."

Teeheehee. (^_^)v
So then, next up, I went to the studio for Dance rehearsal~. It was far away, which sucked. lol
Right away they were taking video and I looked it over, holy crap, they were all so serious!!!!!
During actual rehearsal, the number of people dancing seemed to increase over the span of one song, it looked like their level went up as I watched. (too late)
The two on my side are interesting.
They're arguing about something.

Then it changed.

What. The heck.
The owner of this fine Maro-Shuu photo is Zin-san.

Oh, and in 26 years, I want us to watch the next solar eclipse together!~(*^_^*)
Let's do it.

And for a-nation, it'll be Erorin on drums. o/~