Ayumi Hamasaki's TeamAyu Diary 8/8-11/09

More TeamAyu diary entries for you folks today! I had kind of a hard time with some of these, so again, if anyone is fluent & can help out, feel free to comment.

I'm gonna try to update more frequently - Ayu blogs REALLY quickly and it's hard to keep up if I don't do this every few days.

Ayu actually updated her blog WHILE I was translating, regarding this morning's earthquake, and that update is included here.


From the moment my fingers touched it,
8 August 2009 1:49 PM

feelings flowed forth, yesterday, in Japan, in Ehime, the weather was beautiful.

And I'm sending everyone in Ehime the undefeatable power of being under this sun. I gotta!!!

Today's Sparkly☆ is my hairbrush.
Man, I dunno how many years I've used this, so it's always in my "kaban"*.♪
Of course this is also Satsuki-chan's work.♪

When I am surrounded by sparkly things, somehow, even during times when my heart feels broken, it's true, I can still send sparkly dreams to everyone!!!!!
It's possible to think so.
And I'll even be sending them today----------☆
I'll be sending these feelings to you, too...

*Okay, fun way to tackle this. She said "BAG" in english, so I put "kaban" which is Japanese for bag! haha!

9 August 2009 4:28 PM

Here, having done what needs to be done,
I can calm down, and I can smile.
Everyone in Ehime, for so much love & courage & hope,
And for everlasting dreams, I thank you.
Because you came to see me again.
Ah, Sou uploaded "News Time 13". ♪

Haneda Airport
10 August 2009 2:02 AM

Holy crap, there were so many people! I was shocked~!!!!
I was in deep thought, so that's why I was walking without paying attention, and I had to go through an exit it seemed, so I was surprised at the moment I saw that insane crowd! I was making a face like, (・o・)?
After that, it got taken over by my usual smiling face.
Then it turned into this kind of face (/_;).
I'm being rude.
Thank you.

Just that one phrase covers it all.
To everyone at the Matsuyama Airport in Ehime also, the place was so full of everyone coming to see me off and I didn't have enough time in all the commotion, that's not an excuse, but really I was so glad to see you all there.
For coming there just to see me,
Thank you.

And at Matsuyama Airport today, there was this portable shrine/festival setup thingy, full of guys wearing headbands, and I was the last to board the plane so I was in the airport when I saw their little festival end, but it seems the headband guys had been waiting too so when I entered the gate, I heard "THANK YOU FOR COMING TO EHIME-----!!!" and them banging on their drums, so it was like the festival had started up again.
Until I got in the plane, this sound was continuously playing, I think I cried. It was so perfect.
So, to those guys in headbands also,
Thank you.
Today, I'm enveloped in so much gratitude for just one single day.
I truly am a fortunate person.
Yesterday, before performing, I was running on a machine at the gym inside the venue.
Thinking that being restrained is no good.
At a reckless speed, I silently kept running, but in the middle of it, I noticed that I could see the audience's seats.
I could see the place overflowing with guests, so many smiling faces.
While I was sweating like a pig, I saw everyone enjoying themselves with all their hearts, and the thought entered my mind that "I'm not trying my best here!!!" and it really entered my mind too much. So by the time I noticed, I'd run 7 kilometers. lol
That's probably too much, running 7 kilometers before any actual performing. lol
But you know what, I faced it with full power.
Today too, from Haneda, I went to the gym like that~.
It's like, I want to become pure.
Briskly running up an incredibly steep hill on the running machine, silently doing my machine training, I went outside when I was done and the wind was so nice.
So, to whatever it was I faced,
Thank you!!
I think I should say.
I am an alien from planet Thank You, I guess.

The Sparkly series is popular, so once again today I've uploaded something.♪
Today's decorated thing is.... a Frisk Case☆.*
This is another thing where I dunno how many years I've been using it. I don't usually eat Frisks, actually, but just before shows I have two of them.
For ages, it's been like, a ritual to do this right before performances.
Usually, I take two at the same time. Dunno how long that's been the rule, anyway. lol
But every now & then, I'll take three, or if it's been a really bad day, I'll take like 10 out of the case. lol
Times like that, I eat the whole case full.♪

Satsuki-chan drew up an image of this for ayu ♪ and then gave it to me as a gift.
Since then, this li'l guy has gone all kinds of places with me♪
Ah, now I'm thinking about something Sato-sensei uploaded about Blueberry Juice-.
My entry today was really long...

Please tell that person
"No matter how far away, no matter how close by, I'm always next to you."

*Frisks are a specific brand of mints. Decorative cases for them are apparently fashionable right now?
**Lyrics from "WHATEVER".

Lantern Festival
10 August 2009 10:45 PM

What a time-.
That said, we're total workaholics, and there's no such thing as too much with us, so maybe saying something like that isn't very "us".
Laying down at 7:30, getting up at 9:30, that absurd routine is normal lately. We're paying alot of attention to details in the simpler work. (<-- didn't expect to enjoy it. lol)
I thought that today I found good timing to go running, but the weather...
Well there was at least something I was glad to obtain today!!!!!!
First, this↓

☆Water Bottle Caps☆
Cuz I drink a boatload of water.
And Satsuki-chan knows that Ayu drinks so much water, so~♪
She was nice enough to make these for me.(*^_^*)
And one other thing, this here↓

☆Neck Straps☆
Someone could put this on their phone too if they want. lol
It's very popular to do that.
Ayu's staff & dancers & everyone, all those kids are doing it with their phones~(*^_^*)
Now, the one I've put on my phone is one with a pink base & a blue A-logo. ♪
By the way, right now I'm waiting for a cell phone photo of a Kitty-ko ferris wheel.♪
Then, there are eyedrops introduced to me by Sato-sensei, I've been using them and they're really good~.
My eyes are sparkly~☆
But it's strange, everyone's always laughing at me when I put my eyedrops in. NAZE???*

I truly love you, so
It's best if I disappear...

*Again, she said "WHY" here in english, so I put "NAZE" in the translation.
**Lyrics from "LOVE 'n' HATE"

11 August 2009 6:55 AM

Is everyone okay???!!!
Things shook alot, huh~? It was scary (>_<).
For one thing, in the entryway there's a huge chandelier, so I was thinking, omg DANGEROUS! It stayed in place, but it's heavy so it was swaying back & forth, and I thought, omg, if it ends up breaking, what am I gonna doooooo???
If my little doggies get hurt, what am I gonna dooooo???
Chon-mama's heart was thumping. And my phone rang.
It was a message from Aki-ane that said:
"Ayu-chan, that earthquake! Are you okay???
My furniture was shaking, I had to hold it in place!!!"

Thanks for your concerned update, Aki-ane. It was very amusing. lol
With all the characters & sounds, it probably seems like I'm joking around.
It seems like, wow, I'm being awfully flexible!!! lol
I'm optimistic, as you might expect. <(_ _)>
So, everyone, I trust you're not injured at all???
This quake felt so dangerous all of a sudden...
Maybe the earth is angry...
Even though I always think like that, like, instead I thought maybe even in these moments, we can't go on living without any regrets.
The night naturally goes on, the sun naturally rises, I felt that there was no time when I really thought about that.
Today too, with all my heart, I'll be living.
I will definitely let the ones I love know that I love them.