Ayumi Hamasaki's TeamAyu Diary August 15th-18th, 2009

Wow, two posts in a row are ayu blogs! Hopefully that means I'm doing this fast enough.

I learned more about the IAAF competitors than I ever thought I'd need to know. Translating these took some Googling o__o

This entry has Ayu being a bit random, being amazed by the IAAF competitors, and reflecting on her own feelings of self-worth a tiny bit. The last entry here is really great. And... I think I mistranslated a couple of these, or missed something, one of the two. So again, if anyone's fluent in Japanese, your help is welcomed!!


Status Report
15 August 2009 4:57 PM

I stopped running at the 5km mark today.
Everyone in Ayu's staff was running together, but the high-stamina team of me & Sou were in the peak of golf talk.
And the surrounding staff were watching...
That was the 5 km point.

Bancho -> Fires a gun at the TV.
Rusher -> Face turns pale.
Domo-kun -> Cautious, slight smile.
Minazo -> Eyes are perfectly still.
Gori -> MIA.

Everyone was in a high-level state, except for Gori, basically. lol
We'll arrive at the venue soon! ♪

I'm still
16 August 2009 4:34 PM

...at the hotel in Nagoya. Paarraaalllyyyzzzeed.
Since my daring return trip, with Nagoya station overflowing with Lantern Festival people,
I've said that I wanted to stay on the move to keep from being mopey.
Huh? You must politely dismiss me from the train/taxi/whatever you're in charge of?? I guess. lol
That's kinda what that feels like.
Bancho's doing my nails though, while I wait for my bad mood to go away-♪
I should mention that Kaz made video of yesterday's Nagoya performance though, and I saw it a little bit ago-----. lol
I may have felt it when I was really up on stage, but the cool feeling came right back again when I saw it on the video, Nagoya~~~!!!
As always, Thank you! <3
I gave up on my voice reaching you. I gave up on my dreams coming true.
But hey, what was in front of my eyes, was really you.
You know?

*Lyrics from "fated"


17 August 2009 12:42 AM

Today, there was just so much going on, so at Nagoya Station, it felt like I was gonna cry, but I showed courage.
At Nagoya Station, I was just frozen & crying, konbanchou.*
But, as far as why, they were tears of love, so. There's that.
Times like this...
I really need to limit how much I run!!!!!!
I say that, but I went to the Gym from Tokyo Station in this state.
I ran too much~. I got tired~. (Naturally.
Ah, today, I got such cute sweets, so my tired body was rewarded~<3

I love you everybody------------!
Thank you always.

*I dunno.

I thought I'd be so
17 August 2009 3:02 AM

...tired, everyone, but I can't take my eyes off
the World Championships in Athletics.
GO BOLT*------!

*She's cheering for Usain Bolt, the Jamaican runner who some of you may remember from the Olympics.

17 August 2009 4:58 AM

The world record that he himself set, he broke it again. I really should say that the sort of time he ran is like, totally unheard of.
I got to see a miracle of humankind the moment it happened!!
Cuz he ran 100m in 9.58 seconds!
He has become the wind.
It was so moving----------.
It made me shiver----------.
Thank you for making me so excited!!! Bolt!!!

Continuing on & on...
18 August 2009 1:22 AM

Chon-san is stuck on that world record.
Actually, I really wanted to see Matoba-san (Will they show that? lol
I did that Hey x3 taping, but at that time, even before the world record was broken, it was hard to be patient.
By the way, I got alot of messages saying "that two-shot photo, have you gotten it?" but...
I've decided to get it. lol
Sometime before the day is out. lol

Oh, you people who keep pestering me cuz you want it so much. <3
Anyway, if a world record gets broken again I'm gonna go crazy.
Ah, we plan on putting up a Today's Photo, so look forward to that.♪
Every single one of you is truly reflected in my eyes...<3

18 August 2009 5:26 AM

[Kenenisa] Bekele in the Men's 10k, that last spurt, did you see that????!!!!!
Where was he leaving all that stamina, I wonder?
Man, seriously, "human" is another word for "awesome."
Today I got to see so many miracles of humankind, I'm so proud.
At the moment Bekele suddenly started going impossibly fast, this anxious Chon-san yelled out "Waaaaaaaaaaaaahh!!!" and stood up, fists over her head. lol
I SERIOUSLY had goosebumps.
Pole vault queen [Yelena] Isinbayeva... was defeated...
Oh man, the way the stadium was deathly silent in that moment...
Everyone like that, it was not an air of anticipation.
Seeing Isinbayeva's tears, I started crying out of sympathy too.
Because becoming the best can happen naturally, but continuing to be the best for as long as you can is just so... difficult, I guess? No, saying "difficult" doesn't cover it, but with the kinds of burdens & thoughts a woman like her carries, people might think she's cheeky but I felt like I understood her, so.
The appearance of a human being who does something with all their might is such a beautiful thing.
Well then, finally today, all the lady-tachi* woke up early. ↑↑↑ I should take photos with my phone.☆
Okay so these are my doggies' leads.♪ There's alot of them so, these first☆

How about that, huh~? On the handle and the reverse side, there's a heart mark.
Alrighty, these ones next☆

It's made for spoiled princesses~!!! Gimme gimme~~~~~!!!♪♪♪
Okay so, last, these!☆

Nico-chan** and Rainbow Star!!!!!! Seriously the best things ever.☆
Satsuki, thank you always <3
So after this there'll be a Today's Photo, but... there's alot of them so we'll get them up when we can~.
Take it easy in the meantime.♪

*Here she said "Joshiizu", putting the english plural "s" at the end of "joshi," so I translated "joshi" into english and put the japanese plural "-tachi" at the end of it.
**One of several Japanese nicknames for Harvey Ball's famous Smiley face.